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Metavese Wrejects announces launch of NFTs

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The developers of the Wrejects game have announced the release of the first sale of their NFT, the NFTs Wrejects Series. The tokens will be available for purchase on OpenSea and the official Wrejects website.

As the developers highlighted, NFTs are stored on the Polygon network. The goal is to reduce gas fees and ensure scalability.

According to an official announcement from the company, the Wrejects Series 1 NFTs have a variety of different cards that players can utilize to take on opponents in the arena.

The NFTs of this phase will have unique powers that can give players an advantage in the course of battles.

Wrejects is a new turn-based PvP fighting card game where opponents fight in private and public tournaments.

In the game, winning battles gives players items as well as Painium tokens, the game’s native cryptocurrency. In addition, there is also the ability to compete one-on-one. In this case, players can practice, play for fun and even bet Painium and/or items.


Painium cryptocurrency IDO is scheduled for Q3 2022, following the second NFT sale in Q2 2022.

Also according to the team, the first gameplay beta is also scheduled for the third quarter.

Wrejects is developed by Boss Cannons, an art collective made up of professional illustrators, painters, product designers, videographers, copywriters and other artists.

The game was announced earlier this year as a card-based and blockchain-based Street Fighter. To participate in the game the player needs an NFT which is an avatar that will be the fighter of the game.

In addition to the avatar, pat least two items, which will improve the character’s basic stats; um single-use item ima arena, where the fight begins and progresses. They are like lands in Magic the Gathering.

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