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Neck Braces, Rigid Collars, Cervical Orthoses – A Guide on Bracing The C-Spine – Part 7

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What Are The Different Kinds of CTOs?

Different kinds of CTOs exist today. Some are prefabricated and others are custom made. Typically, with a custom made brace, a cast and measurements are required. This process will take about an hour, unless an orthotist (brace specialist) can get a very good cast of the patient using fiberglass material. This will mean that the patient has to be cast in a position where the orthotist can do a circumferential wrap of the patient’s head, neck and body in a sitting or standing position.

Where Do You Get a CTO?

Daily Care and Hygiene Measures To Consider When Using A CTO

A proper program of hygiene will help to prevent skin problems or pressure sores. Although the brace may fit you well, it is possible to sit in an unbalanced position from time to time and this can make the brace fit differently. – If your CTO is dirty, it should be washed inside with mild soap and water. Make sure your skin is clean when you apply the CTO as well. Perspiration will occur if you wear this brace long enough and cleaning everything is a good idea.

Special Instructions To Those Individuals Helping a Patient With Their CTO

1.) Avoid using powers or lotions on the patient’s skin, where the CTO will be applied. Although you may be trying to help the patient, these things can soften the skin and cause skin breakdown in conjunction with a brace.

2.) If the skin is red or ulcerated, call the orthotist who provided you with the brace. They can pad the area around an ulcer or sore spot of skin to help create a relief in many instances.

3.) Patients who need moderate to maximum assistance will need to be continuously observed when it comes to the position of their CTO. Monitor the position of the chin and the position of the shoulder aspects of the brace to ensure a proper fit.

4.) The brace should always be worn snug, not loose. If the brace is worn loosely it will allow movement of the spine and this could be severely problematic for the patient.

5.) Whenever the patient is moved, either from the bed to another location, check the position of the CTO. It is important that there is not excess gapping over the shoulders or under the chin.

Insurance and CTOs

One of the extra benefits of working with a licensed orthotist at an “O & P” (orthotics and prosthetics) company is that they can help bill your insurance for this brace or any other orthopedic braces. Many times these kinds of braces are covered by insurance. If it is not completely covered, many times a good portion of the orthosis (orthopedic brace) is covered, decreasing your amount of out of pocket expense.

Note: This is health information. Medical advice regarding braces should be provided to you from your local, licensed and providing orthotist. This information can be helpful, of course, but it is best to get medical advice on bracing from these local brace specialists.

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