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NFT overview – Prada begins exploring strategies for Web3

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In case you haven’t been able to keep up with the latest news from the world of NFTs, here’s a brief selection of the ones that caught our attention the most.

From launches of new collections, to updates on platforms and other news about the crypto world, the idea is to bring an overview of what moved the market and caught the media’s attention during the week.

In today’s edition, we bring you some news in the world of NFTs, including new steps by luxury brands in the metaverse and in the world of NFTs, as well as the production of a film about the story of Vitalik Buterin, founder of ETH.

Check out new releases and other news from the world of NFTs!

Gucci moves forward with projects in the metaverse

In partnership with the game Roblox, Gucci announced plans to develop a virtual space called “Gucci Town”, where you can find a space for mini-games, a cafe and a virtual store with the brand’s accessories.

After installing a series of temporary in-game experiences, attracting over 20 million players, Gucci has decided to launch the new space as a permanent in-game attraction, and expects the environment to constantly evolve over time.

Nicolas Oudinot, Executive Vice President of New Business at Gucci, commented: “Trust to this, we envision future developments as an open dialogue between Gucci and repeat visitors. Content creators and emerging talent from the Roblox community will be on board as we infuse the ecosystem with fresh ideas and visual stimuli as our creative messages are always in flux, evolving with the kaleidoscopic vision of creative director Alessandro Michele.”

Prada joins the NFT wave

Luxury brands like Gucci, Balmain and Balenciaga are jumping on the NFT bandwagon. Now it’s Prada’s turn to join the crowd by launching its own NFTs.

The Italian luxury brand will launch 100 NFTs on the ETH network this Thursday (02/06), to accompany the recent collaboration with Cassius Hirst (Timecapsule drop #30), son of artist Damien Hirst. Buyers will receive a free NFT that accompanies the purchase of the physical garment.

Prada’s Timecapsule #30 includes a unique technical fabric shirt, available in both black and white, and decorated with the artistic creations of Cassius Hirst. The corresponding NFTs will be a GIF of the capsule video, and will reference the release’s serial number and will include a number associated with each physical jersey.

Sale of NFTs finances film production on ETH development

Infinite Machine, a Versus Entertainment movie about the developer and development of ETH, is currently in the production phase. The film is being made in partnership with Decentraland, Lumiere and director Ridley Scott’s production company, and is being adapted from a book of the same title, written by Camilla Russo.

The film will tell the story of Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of ETH, and is being fully financed by the sale of NFTs.

“We believe that ETH is enabling a world where users and the public are now owners and participants, and so the film “Infinite Machine” itself should be part of this movement and allow the ETH community to participate in the creation of a film about ETH. platform,” said Russo, the book’s writer.

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