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SpaceX plans to launch a satellite to display billboards in space

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Ads affect us every step of the way and influence our decisions, whether we wish it ourselves or not. But what happens when you combine advertising with one of the most ambitious technology innovation companies? You will witness the birth of new technological ideas of the future.

One such idea is being planned by the universe to conquer society SpaceX, which merged with the Canadian research and development company Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), to launched a stunning digital billboard into space. Launch is planned to the beginning of 2022. This way, anyone will be able to pay for advertising literally in space and pay for it as well cryptocurrencies.

CubeSat will display ads and artwork on its pixel display

Co-founder and CEO of GEC Samuel Reid told Business Insider that GEC watched SpaceX about this idea since 2018 and now they have finally managed to start negotiating the terms of cooperation with them. As Reid claims, the satellite is named CubeSat, is currently under construction and when completed, one side will contain pixel display on which ads, logos, but also works of art will run.

SpaceX will be used for rendering CubeSat into its orbit Falcon 9 rocket which then heads for the moon. Once installed in orbit, it will be deployed selfie stick stream all content from pixel display, the content of which will be transferred to Youtube the sky Twitch to Earth.

Individuals or organizations will need to determine the color and location of each pixel on the CubeSat display purchase dedicated tokens.

Advertisers will be able to purchase pixel configuration tokens

These tokens will be available for advertisers to choose from five different variations Beta for X coordinate, Rhoe for Y coordinate, Gamma for brightness, Kappa for color, and XI for determining how long these settings will take effect. So Beta and Rhoe determine the location of the pixels, while Gamma and Kappa determine what these pixels will look like.

Those interested will be able to purchase these tokens from the beginning using Ethereum with the fact that in the future it is planned to introduce payments in Dogecoin. Other details such as the display resolution or its pixel density are not yet known. Likewise, Reid did not disclose the cost of developing CubeSat or configuring each pixel on it.

Did Musk change his attitude to cryptocurrency payments?

Although SpaceX could only work together to launch CubeSat, it is strange that Musk suspended cryptocurrency payments for Tesla cars earlier this year due to environmental concerns. Now for his company’s new satellite, cryptocurrency payments don’t seem to matter. It will be interesting to see if he has changed his mind.

Reid told Business Insider: “I am trying to achieve something that can democratize access to space and enable decentralized participation. Let’s hope people don’t waste money on something inappropriate, offensive or offensive. “

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