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Star Atlas announces news

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The metaverse game Star Atlas, a great sensation of the last year, has resurfaced and announced news. This week, the company announced the launch of its three-tier DAO governance system.

While only the first level is active, this marks the beginning of what could be a big new addition to the game. With the launch, players lock POLIS tokens for up to five years to receive DAO voting rights.

Voting weight, or Polis Voting Power (PVP), is based on the number of tokens blocked and the amount of time they are blocked.

As per the announcement, participants can also receive passive income in the form of POLIS tokens. But according to the developers, in the future, active participation may be required to receive these rewards.

The DAO will govern through POLIS Improvement Proposals, or PIPs. The Star Atlas team is working on PIP-1, which describes the creation and processing of future PIPs.

Approval of the PIP-1 will lead to several more PIPs detailing the organization and structure of the DAO. In practice, the DAO will have voting power on a wide variety of game development decisions in the future.

Star Atlas

As the announcement highlights, these decisions include new features, partnerships, development, etc. But likely the areas of immediate interest to be voted on will be the taxation of gaming activity and the use of the DAO treasury, which currently holds over 200 million ATLAS tokens.

Within the game, there are also faction and regional DAOs, which cover a Star Atlas system. Meanwhile, faction DAOs make decisions for an entire faction. Additionally, guilds and other player groups will function as mini-DAOS in the game.

All of this could lead to some interesting developments. but it can also result in toxic politics and suffocating layers of bureaucracy.

Star Atlas has two tokens, POLIS and ATLAS. ATLAS works as a game token, while POLIS exists on-chain for participation in Star Atlas DAO.

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