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The most important crypto news of the last week

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The week was overshadowed by the shocking images from Ukraine. The most important events at a glance:

War in Ukraine

Since Thursday, February 24, there has been certainty. There is war again in Europe. With air and ground troops, Russia advanced into Ukraine. Large streams of people are said to have fled in Kiev, and the supply in the capital is threatening to collapse. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj then declared a state of war.

Nerves are also on edge on the financial and crypto markets. The next few hours should be a real rollercoaster ride for investors. While crypto assets such as BTC initially collapsed and crisis assets such as gold were significantly higher, the tide turned again and BTC turned positive. The oil price was also able to increase significantly due to the confusing situation. The Russian stock index (RTS) literally imploded and the ruble also suffered heavy losses.

Crypto space appalled by EU BTC ban

A possible BTC ban in Europe caused a stir this week. A final draft by the EU Parliament provides for a ban on proof-of-work-based cryptocurrency services. The SPD, the Greens and the Left prevailed in the negotiations. The message had made waves in crypto space. BTC-ECHO reported exclusively, international media subsequently picked up the report.

On Friday, February 25th, however, the clarification by Stefan Berger, CDU politician and member of the European Parliament. The European politician suspended the scheduled vote on February 28th.

Milestone for Bitpanda: Viennese fintech becomes a BTC bank

Bitpanda completed the first acquisition in the company’s history. With the London start-up Trustology the Austrians take over a leading provider of custody solutions for crypto and DeFi wallets in Great Britain.

With the takeover Bitpanda Custody became one of the largest custodians in Europe in one fell swoop.

TenX Founder Toby Hoenisch a Crypto Criminal?

The 2016 DAO hack is still one of the most spectacular hacks in the history of the crypto market. Now there are accusations against Toby Hoenisch, co-founder of TenX, who is said to be responsible for the 2016 DAO hack.

Mexico wants to orient itself to El Salvador

Will Mexico be the next country after El Salvador to adopt BTC as legal tender? At least that’s what Mexican Senator Indira Kempis seems to have in mind after returning to Mexico from a trip to the Bitcoin Mecca.

Metaverse will generate new professions by 2030, say experts

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