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The most important news of the last week

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Another exciting week in crypto space came to an end. The most important events around BTC and Co. at a glance.

Law for e-euro already next year

The European CBDC project around an e-euro could soon go a step further. From 2023, the EU Commission wants to present a first draft law that should enable a launch in 2025.

While China has the most advanced CBDC project to date, the EU is still in the pilot phase. In exchange with the EU member states, the digital euro should soon take more shape.

US inflation hits 7.5 percent

Time for Crypto? Inflation in the US continues to rise, now at 7.5 percent. The inflation rate is even exceeding forecasts.

Last month, the inflation rate in the USA was still estimated at 0.4 percent. The Federal Reserve recently announced a turnaround in interest rates, which is to take effect from March. This is intended to counteract high inflation.

Apple Pay soon with crypto?

The Californian company went pretty far out of the window with the latest press release. The announcement states that the tap-to-pay feature can be used with the iPhone by merchants as a point-of-sale product.

This means that crypto card holders could also pay with cryptocurrencies by the end of the year.

The end of the crypto debate in Russia?

Apparently the Russian Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank have reached an agreement. According to reports from local media, cryptocurrencies are to be equated with analogue money. However, strict KYC regulations should apply.

With the latest development, Russia is probably finally saying goodbye to the general crypto ban. However, the question about mining remains unanswered for the time being.

New insights into the Bitfinex case

The week was mostly for the legendary Bitfinex-Hack in 2016 revealing. The FBI seized over $3.6 billion believed to be related to the hack.

The agency also arrested a Manhattan couple who allegedly laundered approximately $71 million in funds from the theft. The current value of the amounts to a total of 4.5 billion US dollars.

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