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The Sandbox still in Bull Run, what is behind it?

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The world of tokens related to metaverse are experiencing a cycle in itself, not even remotely affected by the bear control on the market of the main cryptocurrencies.

The Sandbox, with its token SAND leaded the ranking of gain yesterday, thanks to an important announcement made by management, which is part of an overall positive phase for all this sub-sector.

What happens to The Sandbox? The announcement that boosted the markets

The Sandbox is in an extraordinary period of form, largely due to the new market phase triggered by the rename of Facebook to META. A phase that has already rewarded several times Decentraland and that it offered an excellent gas for growth also a SAND. However, yesterday’s announcement of the arrival of the token triggered the purchase of the token Alpha of the protocol, in which you can participate if we are part of the lucky draws. But let’s go in order.

  • What is The Sandbox Alpha

This is a series of events in Play to Earn that will have their beginning next November 29. Players will be able to explore all of the metaverse from The Sandbox for the first time, along 18 paths that were created by the game’s programmers.

There is a need for a Alpha Pass, a NFT which will be in the hands of those who win a particular lottery, in which you can participate if you already have virtual plots of land, or through social initiatives reported on the website of the initiative.

  • Can I participate without the Alpha Pass?

Yes, you can participate, even if the experiences will only be three, with a partial but still interesting exploration of what is boiling in the pot around The Sandbox.

  • For those who want to spend something

The NFT that grants full access can also be purchased by lucky lottery winners, through OpenSea, the most important marketplace of NFT today. This was confirmed, once again, by the developers of the protocol.

Why is The Sandbox Alpha important?

The effect on the price of SAND has been disruptive for excellent reasons, With the transition to The Sandbox Alpha we enter a new phase of this protocol, which thanks to very important commercial collaborations aims to undermine Decentraland from its dominant position in the sector. The fact is that the world of metaverse it is among the most attractive so much for i players how much for the speculators. With the concrete possibility that this umpteenth bull run will be trampoline for new important price goals.

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