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Top 10 most popular NFT collections on Google, is your favorite among them?

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The Web Design Bundles researched the most popular NFT collections based on how many times they were searched on Google each month. Not surprisingly, Axie Infinity ranked first with 3.86 million monthly global searches.

The most popular NFT collections on Google

The popularity of the NFT has exploded in recent months, with a worldwide number of searches of the word “NFT” averaging 5.1 million hits per month, almost a fivefold increase since the end of 2021. Recent celebrity and media involvement has led to massive growth and in some parts of the world as a “new cryptocurrency”.

Axie Infinity was found to be the most searched NFT collection in the world. The collection consists of “Axies” – characters in an online game that is similar to Pokémon, while each character is digitized as NFT, which is stored on the blockchain ETH.

Players collect them, fight creatures and can also trade them, allowing users to earn money by playing the game. The collection can be considered the most popular unmistakable token, with a total value of $ 4.14 billion and 1.9 million traders, and global searches averaging 3.86 million per month, an increase of more than five times since the end of 2021.

With an average of 553,000 worldwide searches per month, NFT The Sandbox is the second most popular collection. Like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse where players interact with the game using NFT.

The game has grown rapidly in popularity thanks to popular brands and celebrity interest, such as Snoop Dogg, who recently released 10,000 playable characters on the platform, and Gucci, who recently announced plans to create a ‘virtual world for Gen Z’. The Sandbox NFT Collection has a total value of $ 369.15 million and 37,518 traders.

Top 10 most popular NFT collections:

The place NFT Collection Number of searches per month
1 Axie Infinity 3,860,000
2 The Sandbox 553,000
3 NBA Top Shot 477,000
4 Smile 417,000
5 Decentraland 201,000
6 Rarible 192,000
7 Cryptokitties 111,000
8 Gods Unchained 111,000
9 Cryptopunks 96,000
10 Bored Ape Yacht Club 59,000

The NBA Top Shot ranks third with 477,000 worldwide searches. The collection consists of NBA highlights called “digital moments”, where owners have access to specific exclusive footage from the NBA. The NBA Top Shot has a total of 528,354 traders, resulting in a total value of $ 862.9 million.

Sorare ranks fourth and the collection has 417,000 global searches. Sorare is also a game that uses blockchain technology, where players can buy, sell, trade and manage a virtual football team with digital player cards.

Decentraland ranks as the fifth most google collection of the NFT with 201,000 global searches. The NFT collection is similar to The Sandbox in that users purchase virtual land through the MANA cryptocurrency.

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