May 16, 2021


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TOP 5 less known cryptocurrencies with great potential for 2020

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TOP 5 less known cryptocurrencies with great potential for 2020

There are currently thousands of different cryptocurrencies. Naturally, most of them are just waste without a future, or just a mere scam on ignorant and naive people. On the other hand, there are some good projects that have a strong development team working hard to develop a particular cryptocurrency that has real use in today’s world.


Best projects this year


In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 less known cryptocurrencies / projects that are very likely to shine this year and increase their value. Of course, it is never possible to predict the future at 100%. This is doubly true in cryptocurrencies.


Matic Network


At the beginning we start with one relatively new, but also well-known project. Matic Network (MATIC) seeks to significantly improve Etherea’s scalability by using a modified version of the Plasma framework with PoS-based side chains. Plasma is an off-chain scaling solution.


Transactions between two nodes are processed in the side chain and only the final state is sent to the final chain. This saves a huge amount of computing power and memory for the chain users.


Matic had its IEO on the Launchpad Binance platform in April 2019. In less than a year with more than 40 DApps integrated into their platform Matic has become the most acceptable solution. It is likely that if its development continues at the same pace as it has been until now, we will see further growth.


Tachyon Protocol


Decentralized Internet and VPN were one of the trends last year due to government dictatorship and Internet censorship. Blockchain developers have been working in this area for some time – Substratum and Mysterium were some of the first blockchain projects in this area. In 2019, three such projects were listed – Blockstack, Orchid Protocol and Tachyon Protocol.


Tachyon seems best because of its plans and technological development. In the opinion of Tachyon today, the Internet is facing security and scalability issues that are completely outdated. Tachyon completely reconstructs existing TCP / IP protocols by replacing TCP / IP application, Internet, and transport layers with its own 3-tier architecture.




Harmony (ONE) targets are similar to Matic’s goals – to improve blockchain scalability so that large DApps can be reliably deployed. But while Matic tries to improve the performance of existing networks, Harmony creates a whole new ecosystem. One that will bring together billions of people and strengthen the decentralized economies of the future.


Ankr Network


Ankr Network (ANKR) creates a blockchain platform that will enable distributed cloud computing (DCC), accessible to users anywhere in the world. Ankr’s vision is to implement a shared economy where consumers will have much cheaper access to cloud resources and businesses can monetize their computing power.




Tokoin (TOKO) is an Indonesian startup that seeks to accelerate the growth of the MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) sector in Indonesia and other emerging markets in Southeast Asia. Indonesia’s economic growth in recent years has been driven by their MSME sector, which accounts for 60% of their GDP and 90% of their private sector employment.


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