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Twitter completes integration with ETH wallets

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Twitter has finally completed its integration with ETH network wallets. Users will now be able to tip each other in Ether as well as in BTC. At first, the feature is only available on mobile.

The news was announced together with the Twitter’s updated tipping policy. According to the new text, users will be able to copy someone’s BTC or ETH addresses and send the tips. The new service will be compatible with any wallet.

In September, Twitter had already introduced BTC tipping through the Lightning Network, allowing users to connect their Lightning addresses to their accounts.

In addition to ETH, users will be able to tip in ERC-20 tokens, including ETH-based stablecoins.

“We continue to expand ways to get paid on Twitter, which includes more options for creators and fans who want to use cryptocurrencies. We are excited to add the ability for anyone to add their ETH address to Tips,” said Johnny Winston, Product Manager and Creator Monetization at Twitter.

Hackers discovered update

Even before the launch of tips via Lightning, Twitter was already preparing tips in ETH. In fact, some hackers noticed that ETH compatibility was also built into the Twitter code.

This compatibility was released a few weeks before the launch of BTC tips. Hackers Alessandro Paluzzi and Jane Wong discovered both releases.

The entry of is seen as the last act of Jack Dorsey, who stepped down as CEO at Twitter in November. But Dorsey was still in charge of Twitter when the tips were planned.

The billionaire left the company in December and has since been dedicated to building a BTC infrastructure at Block. However, Dorsey has never shown interest in other cryptocurrencies. He has even suggested that ETH was “centralized” and driven by “company-controlled lies”.

However, Twitter has embarked on several other ETH-related projects since Dorsey’s departure. One such project involves the development of decentralized applications (dApps) in November, along with verified NFT profile pictures in January.

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