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Twitter is testing BTC Lightning Network technology

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One of the most popular social networks in the world, Twitter, whose founder and CEO is a well-known BTC fan Jack Dorsey, is testing the possibilities of using Lightning Network technology. This enables extremely cheap and expressly fast BTC transactions.

Twitter has long been following a solution through which content creators on this network could be supported by the community with small financial donations – the so-called “Tips”. The testnet of this functionality was named by Twitter Jar Type and appears to be currently in the testing phase of Lightning Network technology.

The MacRumors portal was the first to inform about it, stating that a screen appeared during the beta testing of “Tip Jar”, which shows the addition of support for BTC Lightning Network transactions. The visualization of the screen was subsequently published by the developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

Supported wallets

Service with support for BTC Lightning Network transactions should appear to work in the initial phase through a payment application from Jack Mallers’ workshop called Strike. It was Jack Mallers who was the first to announce during the Miami conference that El Salvador would make BTC the first country in the world legal tender.

The Strike Wallet app should be used by content creators who want to get “tips” from their supporters. This application can also generate invoices.

In connection with Tip Jar, however, there is also mention of support for other wallets – from the category of custidial wallets Wallet of Satoshi or Blue Wallet and from the category of non-custodial wallets Breez, Muun, Phoenix or Zap. According to TheBlock, the service should also support hardware wallet, which is currently being developed by another company, Jack Dorsey Square.

Dorsey goes full throttle with BTC

Even the latest news confirms that Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has been eager to support and promote BTC, in which he sees the future major currency of the Internet. Just a few days ago, we informed you that his other development team is working intensively on the unadulterated decentralized exchange for BTC. In addition, Twitter is working on its decentralized version called BlueSky a Square, in addition to keeping BTC on the balance sheet and mediating investments in BTC through its services, it is already going through the mining industry in cooperation with Adam Back Blockstream.

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