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What is Kodi and what can be done with it?

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If you search the Internet for applications for streaming and playing multimedia content, you will quickly end up with the Kodi software. But what is Kodi and what can you do with it? Here’s everything you need to know about Kodi!

What is Kodi? The ultimate multimedia center!

What is Kodi and what can be done with it?

Kodi is a cross-platform multimedia center software that is licensed under the GNU GPL license and is therefore not only free, but also completely free. It is the best-known and most widespread media center solution for living rooms and bedrooms. The software was originally developed for the XBOX game console. Until 2014 it was referred to as “XBMC”.

Unlike comparable solutions like Plex, Kodi is constantly being improved and developed by an enthusiastic community. Updates and new versions appear regularly. The development is managed by the non-profit XBMC Foundation.

Kodi is an all-round solution for multimedia content. Among other things, the following is possible:

– Play and stream video content (e.g. films and series)
– Build libraries with film posters, plot texts, etc.
– Listen to internet radio
– View pictures and slideshows
– Access multimedia content on the network
– Play and record television programs
– Surf the Internet
– And much more

This wealth of functions makes Kodi the ideal basis for self-sufficient multimedia systems in the living room. In addition to installing on a conventional PC, it is of course also possible to install on mini computers (Raspberry Pi), Amazon Fire Sticks, Android TV boxes and barebone PCs (Intel NUC).

Customize Kodi according to your own ideas using addons

Since it is free software, Kodi can not only be downloaded and run, but also further developed and modified. This means that there are numerous extensions (so-called “addons”) with which your multimedia center can be adapted to your own needs. Kodi is “famous” for its numerous streaming addons.

Available for every system

Kodi can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and other operating systems. There are also operating systems that contain nothing other than Kodi, for example LibreELEC. Such systems, mostly based on Linux, are designed entirely for Kodi, offer better performance and are also significantly smaller, as there is no “regular” operating system such as Windows as the basis.

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