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When is Fortnite season 7? How chapter 2 season 6 will end – and latest news, leaks and rumours on the update

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Fortnite is gearing up for the start of a new season, and it looks like an alien invasion might be on the horizon.

Such an invasion has been rumoured by players for years, but this time it looks like they may be right.

Data miners have discovered a lot of alien-related content written into the game’s code and, with the final update for season six already live, that means we can be fairly confident that outer space will make up at least a portion of season seven.

When does Fortnite chapter 2 season 7 start?

There isn’t a set date for when season seven will start yet. However, the Epic Games website says the Primal Battle Pass for the current season runs until 7 June – which means we can probably expect season seven to start later that week.

This would mean season six will have run for 12 weeks, which is fairly standard for a Fortnite season, although shorter than most of chapter two’s offerings so far.

What should we expect?

Alien-themed posters have begun popping up around the map, teasing an extraterrestrial season seven.

The Colossal Crops have also disappeared, and people believe they will grow back with crop circles in them.

Leakers have discovered various UFO and teleporting sounds and animations, including an animation for your character being abducted.

They have also uncovered a quest in which players will investigate UFOs.

Epic hasn’t released any official information about season seven or the season six finale yet, so we don’t want to jump the gun and say it’s definitely going to be alien-themed – but all the signs are there.

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