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You can earn BTC with Sudoku and Solitaire

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Fans of classics like Solitaire and Sudoku can rejoice. You can now earn rewards in the world’s largest cryptocurrency, BTC, as you play.

This innovation is made possible by a partnership between two games companies, Zebedee and Viker.

Zebedee is a BTC-focused gaming startup. Viker has a large play-to-earn portfolio.

“These games are played by literally billions of people for hundreds of hours over many years. But so far none of them have gotten anything for their time. Why should it continue when we now live in an era where games can be more than just fun?” writes Dan Beasley, a co-founder of Viker, in a statement.

No prior technical knowledge is required to use the function. Players just need to write their username from the Zebedee ecosystem into Viker’s app to get started.

Zebedee recently raised $35 million in an investment round, including from gaming giant Square Enix.

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