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‘Walking Dead: Empires’ releases pre-alpha demo with play-to-earn

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The game “Walking Dead: Empires” has announced the release of its Pre-Alpha Demo version for this month of August. While it doesn’t include all the planned features, players will still have the chance to wield various weapons while killing zombies.

According to the announcement, the demo lasts 48 hours and features a section of the world that is equivalent in size to nine old demo plots. That is, it’s nine times bigger than the demo they showed on Galaverse earlier this summer.

The team promised that there will be plenty to explore in these lands and that a notable milestone will appear in the demo as well. In addition, the company highlighted that the game will have a play-to-earn concept linked to the gameplay.

Another novelty is that the combat has undergone a bit of rebalancing since the last demo. While weapon selection is only part of what will be available in the full game, the team still wanted to give players some strategic options when selecting their gear.

As the announcement stated, the playtest opens to everyone at 12:00 PST on August 30th and runs until 12:00 on September 1st. Some streamers will have early access. Finally, the team plans to hold an AMA on August 31.

Walking dead: Empires

“Walking Dead: Empires” also plans to open a sale for craft stations during the demo event. These stations allow players to craft ranged weapons.

This includes, for example, bows, crossbows, revolvers, shotguns and other bullet-throwing weapons. This initial sale reduces the prices of Arsenal craft stations by 50%. However, an exact date (or price range) for the sale has not been revealed. With that, interested parties should keep an eye on Gala Games’ Discord for future sale announcements.

“Walking Dead: Empires” is a multiplayer survival strategy game set in the Walking Dead universe. Just like in the series, players survive the apocalypse by fighting zombies.

In the game, players can also own special NFTs such as forges, laboratories, and furniture. In addition, the game offers a variety of melee and ranged weapons, which can be created by players.

Each weapon comes with its own set of special attacks. Players collect materials to use in crafting and building the base. In Walking Dead: Empires players can also own land.

The larger the terrain, the more allies can join the player. Common plots can have up to three players in an alliance, while old plots can support up to 50.

The game will feature PvP and will also have opportunities to play to win by accumulating DeadCoin, a token in ETH.

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