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Study: 33% of American women want to invest in cryptocurrencies this year

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A recent study by the cryptocurrency company BlockFi found that American women are not indifferent to cryptocurrencies. Less than 33% of American women said they would buy digital assets by the end of this year. What else did BlockFi find out?

Women and cryptocurrencies

The BlockFi cryptocurrency platform recently conducted a survey of more than 1,000 American women to find out awareness and feelings about the cryptocurrency industry. The company published its results in its study from the beginning of March.

Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise. The study states that 92% of respondents admitted to hearing about BTC and other cryptocurrencies. More than 30% even plan to invest in cryptocurrencies by the end of this year.

The study also states that 24% of women surveyed already own digital assets. Almost 50% of respondents also said they knew how to buy cryptocurrencies. The survey also states that less than 10% of women also want to work in blockchain companies.

BlockFi co-founder and vice president Flori Marquez commented as follows:

“It is very exciting to know that women are increasingly aware of the benefits of owning cryptocurrencies and are interested in working in the cryptocurrency sector. Looking to the future, I hope that cryptocurrencies will become an essential part of any financial health plan. ”

Not surprisingly, Bitcoin are surprisingly followed by Dogecoin. ETH then appeared in third place.

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