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The best VPN – Review of the top providers for 2023

In recent years, the number of hacker attacks increased by hundreds of percent. Because of this, it is important to protect your privacy on the Internet, which is what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is for. However, these private networks offer much more than just security, such as access to foreign media, streaming platforms and stores.

Today, however, there are hundreds of companies offering their products that differ in small specifics on the global market. Some are good for security, some for streaming, some for gaming. That’s why we took all aspects into account and compiled a list of the best VPN for 2023 to make your choice easier.

7 Best VPNs for 2023

Here you can view a clear list of the best VPN providers and the reasons why individual companies were placed in it. If you want detailed information about each of these VPN providers, definitely keep reading.

List of the best VPN providers:

  • NordVPN – Overall the best VPN
  • UltraVPN – The best VPN for streaming
  • CyberGhost VPN – VPN with the longest money-back guarantee
  • StrongVPN – VPN suitable for streaming with strong security for multiple devices
  • Surfshark – One of the cheapest VPNs
  • Zenmate – A solid free VPN for browsers
  • Atlas VPN – Excellent free VPN to protect an unlimited number of devices

The best VPN – Reviews of top providers

Although the headlines reveal what each VPN is best suited for, price, speed, user support and other factors also play an important role for most users. In this section, we will therefore focus on a more detailed description of each of the 9 best VPNs for the Czech Republic.

NordVPN – Overall the best VPN

best vpn

NordVPN brings the best combination of security, speed and ability to stream on foreign platforms. Thanks to this, this company ranked first in the VPN ranking in the Czech Republic. In addition, it provides servers in more than 60 countries , so you get the highest possible connection speed.

Special features:

  • Double Encryption – Offers a serial connection of two VPN servers to keep your data even more secure
  • No Logs Policy – ​​NordVPN does not track users and generally does not collect their data
  • It provides access to all the world’s leading streaming platforms
  • Powerful protection against spam, malware and ads
  •  It offers a kill switch feature that shuts down the internet when the VPN is breached to preserve your hidden identity

It is also definitely worth noting that NordVPN uses AES encryption with 256-bit encryption , which is approved by most cyber specialists around the world. It was even recommended by the National Security Agency itself, the counterintelligence agency of the United States of America.

Price list:

This platform offers subscription services for one month, one year, or two years. Of course, the longer the subscription is used, the lower the price per month:

  • Per month: EUR 10.49 / month
  • For a year: EUR 4.39 / month (after a year for EUR 7.29 per month)
  • For two years: EUR 2.89 / month (after two years for EUR 7.29 per month)

The first years of using NordVPN are really very cheap; protecting your privacy for just €2.89 per month is definitely a bargain. After two years, you’ll switch to a non-discounted plan, which could become more expensive. It’s also worth noting that NordVPN supports cryptocurrency payment on its website .


  • Very easy to use
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Support available 24/7
  • The best security and speed


  • The user interface is confusing on smaller screens
  • Expensive monthly subscription
Supported devicesNumber of serversServer locationStreamingMoney back guaranteeSpeed ​​rangeCurrent connections
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS a Linux5 500In 60 countriesNetflix, iPlayer, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu and more30 days40–760 Mb/s6

UltraVPN – The best VPN for streaming

best vpn

Thanks to its high download speeds, UltraVPN is a very good choice for playing online games, watching series and downloading torrents. In addition, it offers its users 4 “ULTRAFLIX” servers that are optimized directly for watching Netflix, in the highest quality.

Special features:

  • State-of-the-art AES-256 encryption
  • No activity logging policy
  • Unlimited torrent and P2P sharing
  • OpenVPN protocol for strong security
  • Function Kill Switch
  • Built-in protection against malware and phishing

Price list:

Similar to NordVPN, UltraVPN offers subscriptions for one month, one year, or two years:

  • Per month: EUR 7.09 / month
  • For a year: EUR 4.43 / month (after a year for EUR 6.64 per month)
  • For two years: EUR 2.65 / month (after two years for EUR 6.64 per month)

We have to point out that UltraVPN offers a relatively cheap monthly subscription option , but also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Excellent security
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Excellent download speed
  • Unblocking major streaming services
  • Elegant and simple interface
  • Servers optimized for streaming


  • Fewer server locations
Supported devicesNumber of serversServer locationStreamingMoney back guaranteeSpeed ​​rangeCurrent connections
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS100 +In 14 countriesNetflix and other major streaming platforms30 days40–765 Mb/sUnlimited

CyberGhost VPN – VPN with the longest money-back guarantee

best vpn

CyberGhost is a popular VPN client because it protects the digital identity of its users effectively and simply. In addition, its comprehensive services are available at an affordable price , thanks to which CyberGhost has earned one of the top spots in our list of the best VPNs.

Special features:

  • Torrent and P2P support
  • Ad blocking
  • Unlimited data limit
  • Multiple security protocol options
  • Dedicated streaming servers
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Automatic information leak notification

Price list:

The specifics of CyberGhost VPN is a three-year subscription that brings by far the best price per month . However, the strategy of more for less is reflected in the effort to purchase this product for as long as possible, and therefore the monthly subscription is priced quite high.

  • Per month: EUR 11.99 / month
  • For a year: 3.75 EUR / month
  • For two years: EUR 2.95 / month
  • For three years: EUR 1.99 / month

A three-year subscription is the most affordable option, and all plans longer than a year come with a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. The monthly tariff is covered by a 14-day guarantee.

It is also worth noting that these prices are without any discounts. While the previous two products cancel the discount and increase the price after renewing the subscription, with CyberGhost you pay the same amount from the start.


  • One of the most affordable VPNs
  • Longest money back guarantee (45 days)
  • Very easy to use
  • Seamless access to geo-restricted content
  • Military security level


  • It has slower customer support at times
  • Some servers are quite slow
Supported devicesNumber of serversServer locationStreamingMoney back guaranteeSpeed ​​rangeCurrent connections
Windows, Mac, Android, TV, iOS, Linux, Game Console8 000In 91 countriesAll major streaming platforms45 days on annual subscriptions20–850 Mb/s7

StrongVPN – VPN suitable for streaming with strong security for multiple devices

best vpn

Whether you have multiple devices that need active protection or you want to stream content from abroad, StrongVPN is an excellent solutionWith 60,000 IP addresses and 6 protocol settings, you can be absolutely sure that your information is safe.

Special features:

  • It unblocks major streaming platforms without any problems
  • 250GB of free cloud storage
  • High quality encryption
  • Hides your IP address
  • The WireGuard protocol delivers top speed

Price list:

StrongVPN offers two subscription options:

  •  Per month: $10.99/month
  • For a year: $3.66/month (after a year for $6.66/month)

We must also remind you that 250 GB of secure cloud storage is also included in the price.


  • 12 connectable devices to one account
  • Speed, perfect for streaming
  • Excellent security


  • App updates don’t come out very often
  • Only two subscription options
Supported devicesNumber of serversServer locationStreamingMoney back guaranteeSpeed ​​rangeCurrent connections
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux1 800In 63 countriesNetflix, YouTube, Hulu, Peacock, Disney+Proportionate 30-day warrantyUp to 10 Gbps10

Surfshark – One of the cheapest VPNs

best vpn

There is a lot to hear about Surfshark, and it’s no wonder. It offers users a very good and powerful VPN at a decent price. With 95 server locations in over 65 countries around the world, you won’t have a problem with speed.

Special features:

  • Easy access to foreign streaming services
  • Customer support via chat and email
  • P2P and Torrent support
  • DNS, IPv6 and WebRTC leak protection
  • Kill switch
  • Powerful AES-256-GCM encryption

Price list:

Surfshark offers the following 3 subscription options:

  • Per month: EUR 11.69 / month
  • For a year: EUR 3.59 / month (after a year for EUR 4.7 per month)
  • For two years: EUR 2.29 / month

It supports several payment methods, including cryptocurrencies.


  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Secure and fast connection
  • 24/7 chat support


  • User support cannot be contacted by phone
  • Speed ​​varies by server
Supported devicesNumber of serversServer locationStreamingMoney back guaranteeSpeed ​​rangeCurrent connections
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS a Linux3 20095 countriesNetflix, Amazon, Disney, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Hulu and more30 days40–790 Mb/sUnlimited

Zenmate – A solid free VPN for browsers

best vpn

Zenmate offers a completely free VPN version that will give you protection on Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers on one device with limited features. For those looking for the best free VPN, this option is a great choice. Paid plans unlock a number of additional features.

Special features:

  • No logging of user data
  • Application for all OS
  • Optimized streaming servers
  • Setting server preferences
  • Create an exception for specific websites
  • 24/7 support
  • P2P and OpenVPN support

Price list:

Zenmate offers 2 pricing packages, one for unlimited browsers (Pro plan) and the other for unlimited devices and browsers (Ultimate plan).

The Pro plan has 3 pricing options:

  • Per month: EUR 6.99 / month
  • For half a year: EUR 2.69 / month
  • For a year: EUR 1.69 / month

The Ultimate plan includes P2P support, Open VPN and comes in 3 options:

  • Per month: EUR 10.99 / month
  • For a year: EUR 4.49 / month
  • For 3 years: 1.51 EUR / month

Opting for one of the longer subscriptions puts you in the category of one of the cheapest VPNs ever .


  • Free plan
  • 7-day trial version
  • Unlimited number of simultaneously connected devices
  • Cheap annual plans


  • Limited speed on free plan
  • App only available on upgrade
Supported devicesNumber of serversServer locationStreamingMoney back guaranteeSpeed ​​rangeCurrent connections
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and browsers4 500In 81 countriesNetflix, Prime, YouTube, HBO Now and more30 days30–500 Mb/sUnlimited

Atlas VPN – Excellent free VPN to protect an unlimited number of devices

best vpn

Atlas VPN boasts incredibly strong security and excellent speed thanks to WireGuard technology.

Special features:

  • Secure AES-256 encryption
  • No logging
  • Ad and malware blocking
  • Warning of potential threats
  • Email protection
  • Supports P2P
  • Private DNS protection

Price list:

Atlas VPN offers a limited version of its program for free. This plan will protect you from online threats, but unfortunately you won’t be able to use it to stream on foreign platforms.

The full version of the program can be purchased as follows:

  • Per month: EUR 9.69 / month
  • For a year: 2.9 EUR / month
  • For 3 years: EUR 1.75 / month (after three years for EUR 2.9 per month)


  • Safe
  • Speed ​​suitable for gaming and streaming
  • It is cheap and offers a free version
  • Unlimited devices


  • Does not support Linux
  • It has fewer servers than the best VPNs
Supported devicesNumber of serversServer locationStreamingMoney back guaranteeSpeed ​​rangeCurrent connections
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS a FireOS2 00050 countriesUS and UK Netflix, BBC, iPlayer, Disney30 days30–930 Mb/sUnlimited

How to choose best VPN?

The  best VPNs  offer a balanced mix of parameters in all aspects. Even so,  each VPN is suitable for different purposes . A person whose priority is to avoid geographic restrictions will have different requirements, and a person who downloads in bulk and needs a greater degree of privacy will have different priorities. So how should you choose a VPN?

Depending on the security level

One of the most important things is undoubtedly the level of security. We recommend looking at the security protocols that you can find under the labels  SSL, TLS, PPTP, L2TP, 256 Encryption and Kill Switch. All the mentioned protocols in our comparison should bring an adequate level of security.

If you are looking for a large portion of anonymity, then you will also be interested in whether the provider keeps logs, i.e. whether it records the history of your activity. There is a risk that various institutions could track you down. If this fact worries you, choose a VPN that does not keep logs. You can orient yourself according to our comparison.

According to compatibility

VPN compatibility shows  how many devices you can use it  on and what OS your VPN supports. These parameters need to be determined before choosing the right provider. You can find a detailed list of supported operating systems in our comparison. These are the most used systems such as Windows, Mac OSX and mobile systems iOS and Android. But we also followed the less used Linux.

In addition, we were interested in  how it is possible to pay for the VPN service . This also plays a role if you want to protect your privacy and your identity as much as possible. Is it possible to pay by credit card? Do they accept BTC?

According to the parameters that are important to you

But you can also choose according to a number of other parameters that may be more or less important to you. It depends on what reason you want to get a VPN.

Someone will monitor how many IP addresses the VPN provides, or what territories it covers in the world. These are usually the most important parameters when choosing a VPN. We recommend that you research in advance whether you can find the country you want with the VPN. If your goal is to watch American sports broadcasts, then it is obvious that the priority is to have servers in the USA as well.

Other parameters we monitor include the number of servers a the number of devices. Many users also wonder if the VPN allows anonymous login important for preserving your privacy.

Best VPN – FAQ

What is a VPN?

A VPN (virtual private network) is a service that, among other things, allows you to surf the Internet anonymously. This means that if someone wanted to find out your IP address, they wouldn’t be able to because the VPN hides it.

How does VPN work?

Logging into a VPN creates an imaginary tunnel from the Internet traffic that no one can eavesdrop on. Then no one will know, for example, your real IP or your location.

Why use a VPN?

In addition to securing your data and keeping you anonymous, a VPN has a number of other benefits . It allows you to access content that is otherwise censored in that country (by changing the IP address). It secures your network connection – public wifi is no longer such a danger. It protects those who download, for example, through torrents.