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CEO of Electronic Arts thinks that NFT and play-to-Earn are the future of the gaming industry

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Electronic Arts (EA), a major gaming and entertainment company, commented on the importance of the NFT and the play-to-ear model in its latest revenue report. Andrew Wilson, the company’s CEO, took a bite on this in response to several questions from industry analysts.

Electronic Arts is open to the NFT and Play-to-Earn model

Electronic Arts, the company behind franchises in sports games such as FIFA and the NBA, mentioned the importance of new technologies such as NFT and the “play-to-earn” model for the gaming industry. During a recent conference call on earnings from Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, said that while talk of the NFT and play-to-earn is still very early, it cannot be ignored as an important part of what may come in the industry.

Asked about the FIFA license negotiations, Wilson said:

“When we communicate a little bit with our hundreds of millions of football fans… they want more ways to play in the game that go beyond just 11 to 11 football. They want more digital experiences outside the game, e-sports, NFT and they want us to move really, really fast. ”

Wilson’s remarks point to the fact that technology in games is moving at an incredible speed, with fans wanting to become more and more involved in the ownership of these virtual worlds and the experiences associated with them. In response to another question, he acknowledged the importance of these new trends for upcoming innovations in the gaming industry.

“It’s still really, really early for conversations focused on play-to-earn or NFT, and there’s a lot of hype around it. I think it will be an important part of the future of our industry, but it is still early. ”

NFT as collectibles

NFTs have been a huge success as part of digital collections that appeal to traditional collectors as well as newcomers to the ecosystem. One of perhaps the best-known examples is the NBA Top Shots franchise, which helps fans appreciate the most memorable shots of their favorite players and takes collectibles to the next level. In May, the application exceeded one million users.

This kind of involvement is what draws traditional companies to these new technologies. Electronic Arts is not alone. Ubisoft has also issued a statement on the importance of the NFT for the future of the industry and is actively investing in companies such as Animoca Brands, which develop blockchain-based games.

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