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The number of Shiba Inu followers on Twitter surpassed ETH

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Official Shiba Inu account 1.8 million followers on Twitter. For comparison, the official account of the ETH network has 1.7 million.

Inu shiba – an ERC-20 cryptocurrency standard based on ETH, which was launched in August last year by an anonymous founder named Ryochi.

After a crazy increase in the second quarter, the popularity of the meme token increased again in October, as the price showed an increase of 800%. SHIB managed to become a hero with more than a million tweets a day because the token surpassed dogecoin in market capitalization.

The SHIB community on Reddit has 414,000 members, which is almost four times more than the subreddit dedicated to the Japanese dog breed of the same name.

If we talk about Twitter, then the number of Shiba Inu followers is still significantly lower than with the official Dogecoin account in terms of the number of followers, which has 2.4 million.

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