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How to earn TOWN tokens in play-to-earn game Town Star

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Play-to-earn games can be a good opportunity to combine fun and profitability. Some of them offer their players the possibility to earn in-game tokens – which can later be traded from the secondary market – just by completing some missions.

This is the case of the game Town Star, developed by the company focused on P2E games Gala Games. More recently, as reported by the Dapp Radar platform, Gala Games introduced new mechanisms for players to earn the TOWN game token.

The competitive farming game is among the most popular games on the Gala Games network. Also, these new reward paths are a long-awaited development by users.

How to earn TOWN tokens

The first major update to the rewards is the new system called Dynamic Star Challenges, released on March 1st.

This is a set of new daily challenges based on the number of stars players will need to earn to complete them.

Until now, Town Star players had to gather 1,000 stars to successfully complete the daily challenge. With the new system, players will have higher and higher star requirements once they complete the previous daily challenge.

In that sense, the first Daily Challenge with a new city will be to earn 500 Stars. Once completed, the next day’s challenge will earn you 750 stars and so on until the 31st Daily Challenge in the series.

More rewards with Power Hour

In addition to the new system, Town Star also introduced Power Hour, another TOWN token earning mechanism. According to Dapp Radar, the engine appears to improve the system by determining how many NFTs players can place in their city.

Currently, players get a maximum NFT capacity based on their possessions of GALA and TOWN tokens. Now the team is releasing a revised engine for Gala Power. According to the new mechanic, as the amount of TOWN rewards increases, so does the amount of players.

Both reward mechanics aim to make Town Star an even more profitable opportunity.

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