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Is there any crypto in Elon Musk’s new AI company?

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Elon Musk is the boss of Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter – and recently also of xAI. The company, which was presented on July 12, focuses on artificial intelligence (AI). Musk announced months ago that he would advance AI research. The goal is to “understand the universe”. The richest person in the world has put together a team of selected AI researchers for this purpose.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the company is at the heart of established AI research and development. OpenAI is also working on ChatGPT in the Bay region. It is not yet clear which specific services the Tesla boss wants to offer with the new company. Musk wants to provide more clarity and answer questions tomorrow, July 14th – in one go TwitterSpace.

Elon Musk answers ‘life’s ultimate questions’

The rumor mill is boiling on the short message platform that Musk took over in 2022. xAI pours additional oil on the fire itself. The first tweet: “What are the most basic unanswered questions?” Elon Musk answers one of the more than 18,000 questions asked himself: 42. This is the solution to the “ultimate question of life, the universe and everything” – Douglas Adams says hello.

Elon Musk is supported by former employees of well-known competitors, including OpenAI. Former Google employees and former Microsoft employee Greg Yang are part of the xAI team. the latter explained that xAI will work to develop the “theory of everything” for large neural networks. In addition, they want to use artificial intelligence to understand the mathematical universe in a previously unimaginable way.

Pumping AI coins: how much crypto is in xAI?

Also have many crypto enthusiasts Questions placed. For example, who Satoshi Nakamoto is – probably the most exciting secret in the crypto sector. Or: How much crypto is in xAI? So far, there are no concrete intersections. But at least the cooperation with Musk’s other companies confirms xAI on the site. Including Twitter, which recently attracted attention with a money transmitter license. For many users a pointer in the direction of crypto payments.

After all: Elon Musk’s new company provided a short-term growth spurt on the crypto market, at least for AI cryptos. SingularityNET (AGIX) is up more than 6 percent, while (FET) is up nearly 3 percent following the announcement. Also launched yesterday July 12, cryptocurrency XAI Corp (XAI) exploded 350 percent overnight but has no connection to xAI.

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