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Pi Network mainnet launch date revealed

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Despite the recent update to the product roadmap, the Pi Network community has been patiently waiting for a new release date for the main network for months.

Several reports have indicated that the Pi Network team will release a two-part roadmap. The first version is scheduled to hit the market in October, the second version is scheduled for December.

The milestone-based roadmap will focus primarily on the protocol’s products and programs, highlighting key achievements, ongoing projects, and anticipated future initiatives.

Meanwhile, questions remain regarding the release of the main Pi Network, as information on the exact launch date is not part of the schedule update.

However, the upcoming product roadmap will highlight key achievements leading to Open Mainnet adoption.

Pi Network Roadmap – 1st release

This version of the roadmap will cover the past and current performance of the protocol for products and projects within the ecosystem.

In addition, the team hopes to capture the community’s attention with a transparent assessment of the network’s progress to date and upcoming developments.

This release will cover the history of the project and help the community understand the next milestones and opportunities.

Pi Network Roadmap – 2nd release

In the second release of the roadmap, the Pi Network team will incorporate community feedback on the first version.

The team promises a more robust roadmap that includes future milestones for every product and program within the ecosystem.

The second version will also contain a detailed overview of network activities leading to the launch of the Open Mainnet.

The Pi Core team announced that the second version of the roadmap will detail new features, product upgrades, terms, requirements, and other initiatives.

These must be met before the Pi network enters the open network phase.

When will the Pi Mainnet launch?

The exact release date for the main network remains unknown despite an update to the product roadmap.

According to an article on Newspi , it is expected to launch between March and June 2024, as the Pi Network Core Team is said to be providing updates.

While somewhat cryptic, the message in the article emphasizes the importance of the mainnet, including providing ” more services and features that allow more people to participate ” .

Ideally, the mainnet should expand the capacity of the Pi network to accommodate more holders, meet the needs of merchants and developers, and support the overall adoption of the Pi.

Investors involved in the project have been waiting with bated breath for the launch of the mainnet, which promises them more Pi tokens.

There are many ways network participants can increase their stakes, including mining, purchasing goods and services from merchants, and participating in community building initiatives.

The launch of the mainnet should mark the beginning of a new era for protocol enthusiasts. But the longer the core team waits, the more restless the community becomes.

However, the long delay in launching the Pi Network product suggests that a competent team is not willing to release a less than perfect product.

The future of the Pi Network rests in the hands of the Core Team, from whom the community expects achievable updates and plans – and that starts with a mainnet release or at least a launch date announcement.

How big is the Pi network?

The popularity of the Pi network has increased enormously in 2023: the number of followers on X (formerly Twitter ) exceeds 2.6 million.

The project claims to have more than 25 million pioneers or individuals involved in mining the PI token.

Some exchanges have listed the Pi token with USDT and BUSD pairs, including HTX, BitMart, Biconomy Exchange and SuperEX.

However, the core team claims that Pi Network is not officially listed on exchanges, and therefore participating in unauthorized listings” could lead to losses.


Pi Network has gained a large following since its beta launch in 2018, followed by a test network in March 2020.

Since its launch, the project aims to build a dynamic community of people looking for an alternative to Bitcoin mining to earn coins and sell once the network is listed.

However, several years later, the Pi Network is still down. At the same time, the core team says that no official IPOs have been announced yet.

The upcoming two-part roadmap could shed some light on the expected launch date. All the community can do here is wait.


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