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Play-to-earn game Metamon and metaverse USM announce updates

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Radio Caca (RACA), responsible for the development of the play-to-earn game Metamon and the USM metaverse, announced that it is expanding the development of its ecosystem and has closed with two new partners.

According to the developers, the partnerships will help RACA in its goal of developing a metaverse open to all users and content creators. Among the announced partnerships are Sydney TheCMO.eth and Nigeria’s BNI.

Sydney Ifergan, also known as Sydney TheCMO.eth, has joined the Metaverse RadioCaca project as an angel investor.

“The Metaverse and NFT projects are set to rule the future and RadioCaca, with its futuristic USM, Metamon and NFT market, is poised to be a colossal project with enormous potential,” he said.

In addition, another RadioCaca announcement was a partnership with “Blockchain in Nigerian Institutions” (BNI).

As the developers announced, the partnership also aims to help RACA connect its metaverse with the world’s leading universities and provide universities with a metaverse platform with which institutions can develop forays into the digital environment.


Metamon and USM Metaverse Updates

Along with the announcements, Radio Caca announced updates for their game Metamon World, check it out:

  • Empowerment for Space Tickets: Level 60 Metamon, can use them to teleport back to Metamon Island.
  • Level 60 Metamon can fly to Lost World to get Valhalla Points without using tickets (free)
  • Level 60 Metamon deposited from the in-game wallet will directly enter the Lost World regardless of which section of the game they were in when they were withdrawn.
  • When a level 60 metamon’s EXP value reaches 395, players need to use a green potion to reset to zero to continue fighting.
  • u-RACA withdrawals scheduled for May 15, 2022
  • Anti-Fatigue Empowerment Potion
  • The ability of spacecraft and rocket owners to claim space tickets
  • Valhalla Auctions
  • The ability for players to form custom squads in Lost World

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Also, along with the announcements of improvements, Rádio Caca announced updates in the USM metaverse. Check out:

  • Support for secondary markets
  • New first/third person perspective
  • improved GUI
  • More art museums in the state of New California
  • Special celebrity concerts
  • earth exit system
  • architecture integration
Play-to-earn game Metamon and metaverse USM announce updates
metaverse UTM

Is this the future of gaming?

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