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AI technology are storming the crypto space

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Whether stock exchange or blockchain ecosystem: In the meantime, more and more large players in the crypto space are advertising with the use of artificial intelligence. Since the success of ChatGPT, many are expecting the technology to revolutionize the sector. The company behind ChatGPT, OpenAI, makes the chatbot available for purchase. This is how artificial intelligence can be integrated into your own products. From learning aids to trading bots, crypto companies are announcing new AI services almost every day. But what can these tools actually do? Is it all just buzzwords or is it an innovative innovation? We scrutinized the AI ​​integrations of the major crypto companies.

Binance: AI bot “Sensei” helps with questions about Web3

On March 24, the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, unveiled the AI ​​bot “Sensei”. “Your AI-powered Web3 Mentor”, it says in the press release. This is a ChatGPT integration into Binance’s education platform. The AI-controlled learning tool supports users with questions about Web3. To do this, questions or keywords can be entered into an interactive chat window. The “AI-enabled mentor” then creates an answer in the form of a “short summary of about 150 words”. The information comes from the Binance Academy or from “other reliable open sources”. AI assistant “Amy” provides industry insights

The crypto exchange has just jumped on the AI ​​train. On May 2nd, the company announced the artificial intelligence “Amy”. This is also an integration of ChatGPT. The AI ​​assistant keeps users up to date on the crypto market and provides industry insights. “Amy is an AI companion that can help users learn about the crypto industry with near real-time information about specific tokens and projects, as well as details on price lists and historical events,” the press release. Amy is currently in the pilot phase and is only available to “select users”. However, access to the project is to be extended to other users in the coming weeks.

OKX: AI tool for crypto traders

Asian crypto exchange OKX partnered with AI firm EndoTech on March 31 launched. The EndoTech AI integration aims to help users monitor market volatility in the crypto sector. As part of the partnership, EndoTech users who have an OKX account will be able to use EndoTech’s AI algorithms to “better understand and capture crypto market volatility,” according to OKX. EndoTech’s algorithms use “machine learning and other advanced techniques” to analyze large amounts of data and “identify trading opportunities in real time.”

Solana: Blockchain analysis support

The Solana blockchain is also pushing towards artificial intelligence. A ChatGPT plugin from Solana Labs allows users to retrieve blockchain data. “Once the ChatGPT plugins are available, users will be able to check their wallet balances, transfer tokens and buy NFTs,” one said tweet the developer from April 25th. On the same day, the Solana Foundation announced continue to invest in the AI ​​sector. It says: “Today, the Solana Foundation announces a 1 USD million fund.” This funds projects that “explore the intersection between the Solana blockchain and AI”. Solana Labs has not yet commented on the launch of the plugin. However, there is already one on the Solana Labs Github account Beta version for developers available.

Is artificial intelligence the future of crypto space?

The numerous AI plugins make two things clear. First: The urge to develop at the interface between AI and crypto continues unabated. However, the projects are still in their infancy. Secondly: A really groundbreaking innovation is still pending despite diligent development. But there is no doubt that the leap in development in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning has already left its mark here as well.

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