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An important update for Cardano blockchain was made yesterday

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In several tweets, IOHK announced a major Cardano blockchain upgrade needed for scaling.

Important update for Cardano blockchain scaling

With this update, the Plutus script memory will increase by 1.25 million. The change will take effect five days after the update begins on Tuesday, January 25th.

Current Plutus script storage units per transaction = 11.25 million. After this change, it will be 12.5 million.

Plutus Memory / CPU Improvements is one of 11 scaling updates that Cardano intends to implement on the network in 2022. Other options include block size increase, concatenation, input support, node upgrades, disk storage, sidechains, Hydra Tier 2 scaling solutions , computing load and Mithril solutions.

Due to the expected emergence of many DeFi projects, a number of Cardano optimizations are planned. In addition, a decentralized exchange SundaeSwap and its ISO was launched last night.

In initial stake offering (ISO), ADA holders can delegate their tokens to obtain SUNDAE tokens from the exchange. ISO will continue for five epochs or 25 days. Those who want to participate must stake their ADAs before the beginning of each epoch, the first deadline is January 25. The last deadline for the 5th round of ISO is February 14.

At the same time, the IOHK continues to focus on the implementation of the scaling phase. The planned steps will improve the speed and capacity of the network.

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