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Another use of BTC – heating apartments in Vancouver!

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Canadian cryptocurrender MintGreen will provide the heat it generates during BTC mining to heating apartments in the popular metropolis of Vancouver, Canada.

MintGreen announced that from 2022 it will start intensive cooperation with Lonsdale Energy which will supply heat for heating 100 residential and commercial buildings in North Vancouver, the Vancouver borough with about 155,000 inhabitants.

The cryptocurrency mining company claims that its “digital billiards” technology can recover more than 96% of the electricity used to mine BTC, thus preventing 20,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases per megawatt from entering the atmosphere. The obtained energy will thus gain further use, especially in the case of heating apartments and offices in the city, where temperatures during the winter are normal and minus 20 degrees Celsius.

MintGreen has also partnered with a Vancouver sea salt company and a Canadian whiskey company, Shelter Point Distillery. The two companies will also start selling “thermal waste” from BTC mining to operate their facilities.

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