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Ardana, who works on the basis of Cardano, is beginning a significant collaboration with Elrond

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Ardana and Elrond
Source: Ardana Twitter

After the Cardano ecosystem went through a major summit a few weeks ago, the sack of cooperation has torn apart. The network is often used indirectly to conclude other important contracts. Such is the union of society Ardana with powerful blockchain Elrond.

Ardana and Elrond

Ardana is powered by the Cardano network. A few days ago, there was a report of an important partnership between this company with first layer blockchain, Elrond. The project will make it possible to use the bridge infrastructure needed to transfer assets between Cardano and Elrond.

Ardana currently has two components:

The first is a decentralized and covered stablecoin with the label dUSD. This will allow users to leverage the ADA token. The second important component is the decentralized and automated exchange DanaSwap for stable asset pools.


Ardana’s latest contribution pointed out that the bridge infrastructure will allow easy interconnection of the Cardano and Elrond ecosystems. It is also a very important point use of intelligent contracts for Elrond. It will eventually work in exactly the same way as Cardano.

The Director-General also commented on the partnership Elrond Network, Benjamin Mincu:

“There are currently more than $ 10 million available on the Elrond network. This creative exploration of the collateralization of stable coin on one chain, the native coin of another chain, can be a great starting point for greater interoperability between two progressive global ecosystems that are powerful and innovative. ”

Statement of the CEO of the company Ardana Labs, Ryana Matovua:

“EGold is a rare limited supply asset that is currently in high demand. We are excited to be able to accept the challenge of making it available to Ardana users and offering them more dUSD options. ”

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