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Attention: Stolen YouTube accounts promote cryptocurrency fraud

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Attention: Stolen YouTube accounts promote cryptocurrency fraud

Once again, stolen YouTube accounts have started collecting money from people that should be appreciated. Bill Gates can look at some of these accounts and ask for cryptocurrency.


This practice is not unusual in the cryptocurrency world. Bill Gates is looking at followers from accounts that have a huge number of followers. Sometimes within hundreds of thousands. The ZDNet news agency has reported that up to 30 accounts of major youtubers that millions of people follow may be linked to fraud.


The video that the account has begun to show is shown Microsoft CEO with a short text about its solidarity. He will love to give BTC to everyone who sends him a small amount. Account names change to different variations of the Microsoft brand. For example, Microsoft US, Microsoft EU, etc.


At the time of writing, scam caught enough people and they sent together over 1.5 BTC. The data is based on the blockchain browser. Gates is another victim of abuse of his reputation. A few months ago the same happened to CEO Binance Changpeng Zhaovi.

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