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Aurix token benefits: what’s the big difference among other tokens

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Blockchain technology has continued to permeate and revolutionize the digital world. Its development is expected to birth an era where tokens like Aurix will be used in the same dimension as a fiat currency. Tokens are like the clay in the hands of a potter that can be used to mold different shapes. Their uses depend on the purposes they were created to serve.

Powered by ultra-modern state-of-the-art technology, the Aurix token is a utility token created to serve as a medium of exchange, empowering customers through its unique first-of-its-kind card and cashback system. 

The comparative advantage of the Aurix token

There are more than six thousand altcoins in existence today; the question begging for an answer remains why should anyone choose Aurix token over the rest? What is Aurix token bringing to the table that others have not bought?

Innovation is the bedrock of the entire Aurix chain ecosystem, which is why one of Aurix’s many feats is its cashback system. The cashback system was built to leverage Decentralised Financial (DeFi), which allows a transaction to be autonomous and self-sufficient to underscore the independence and integrity of the system. Even if the whole system crashes, the cashback system keeps customer’s money safe and secure.

Another comparative advantage of Aurix’s token is its simple and transparent fee structure. There are no hidden fees for services and other miscellaneous charges. 

It is trite that one of the key indices to ascertain the future of a token is the amount in circulation. With only 20,000,000 Aurix tokens in circulation coupled with its innovative approach to navigating the crypto world, the sky’s the launching pad for Aurix’s aggressive penetration into the global crypto space.

Cryptocurrency Token class Total number of tokens in circulation Value proposition Price per unit Incentive for customers
AURIX Utility 20,000,000 AUR – Online shopping through Aurix card- Easy and fast transaction $0.459 – Offers cashback on transactions
– Discounts on trading fees and bonuses
QuarkChain Utility 6,399,906,497 QKC – Peer to peer transaction $0.25 Supports Peer to peer transaction
Oasis network Utility 1,500,000,000 ROSE – To pay for transaction fees on the oasis network $0.1594 No special incentive.
Davinci Coin Utility 5,797,658,099 DAC – Payment mechanism $0.008354 No special incentive
Aave Utility 12,488,046 AAVE – Facilitates lending of digital assets $490.18 No special incentive
Burst Utility 2,119,978,976 BURST – Eco-friendliness $0.01238 No special incentive
DATA Utility 11,499,993,344 DTA Nil $0.002009 No special incentive

A table showing that Aurix token towers above others with its customers’ centric approach 

Aurix’s Token growth projection

One does not need a doctorate in cryptocurrency to know that Aurix token is well-positioned to be a leader in the crypto world. It is basic high school economics that prices fall once supply is greater than demand; Aurix token’s limited supply is an indication that its supply will never exceed demand, thereby preventing an extreme price fluctuation.

Adhering to strict security standards by adopting cutting-edge technology keeps customers’ funds safe and secure from losses through security breaches and honest mistakes.

With about six thousand tokens already in circulation and a strong indication that more would be created, practical innovations will separate the diamonds from the stones. Aurix’s token innovative customers’ centric reward-based system like cashback, low trading fees and commission, shop plugin, and Aurix credit card will cement Aurix token’s continued relevance and survival in the crypto world. It will aid the adoption of Aurix token across boards, ranging from eCommerce transactions to casual crypto exchanges.

Aurix token has ticked all the right boxes; there is absolutely nothing stopping it from heralding a new era where cryptocurrencies are used for limitless everyday transactions. Aurix’s CEO Majed Mohsen’s futuristic approach to crypto adoption is too good to fail.


As we enter the data-driven fifth industrial revolution, it is essential to know what lies ahead. Aurix CEO Majed Mohsen is determined to utilize blockchain technology to usher in an era of mass crypto adoption through customers-based reward systems and top-notch innovation in the crypto world. Aurix token is Majed’s solution to the challenges against the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Its comparative advantage includes limited supply, robust security system, cashback system, just to mention a few. Investing in Aurix token may be the best decision anyone will make in the crypto world; all necessary indices indicate that Aurix token’s future is brighter than a full moon.

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