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BeInCrypto CEO Alena Afanaseva to Lecture on NFTs and Blockchain at Plekhanov University

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BeInCrypto CEO Alena Afanaseva to Lecture on NFTs and Blockchain at Plekhanov University

BeInCrypto is delighted to announce that CEO and co-founder Alena Afanaseva has been appointed a lecturer at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, the leading and oldest financial university in Russia.

Afanaseva will deliver a course titled “The NFT market. Introduction into digital art” which delves into the history of non-fungible tokens and the technical aspects of creating an NFT. The course program will also cover teachings on digital galleries and the methods used in crypto art valuation.

Importance of education in crypto and blockchain

As a leader of a multinational media company in blockchain and crypto, Afanaseva best knows how emerging technologies are impacting and changing our lives. Her goal is to educate people to let them keep pace with this ever-changing world. 

“The importance of blockchain technology is increasing with each passing day so that it is hard to ignore its disruptive and promising potential. I’m aiming at telling people about the most ambitious and interesting blockchain applications like NFTs and crypto art, which fascinate me personally,” said Afanaseva. “Although NFTs have been making headlines since 2017, this market is still in its early stage and I believe that it won’t be long before most valuable real world assets are tokenized.”

The course comes as part of training in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency through the “Blockchain 2.0” program, developed jointly with the CH Holding Company. The month-long comprehensive academic course is intended for top-tier managers, IT specialists, project leaders, and financial specialists.

The training launches on April 7 and lasts until May 13. You can register for the course here.

BeInCrypto Academy and Learn Project

BeInCrypto is not new to education. Its Academy has long been bringing blockchain and cryptocurrency education to everyone. It offers cryptocurrency-focused training to new and experienced crypto traders who want to build and master their trading skills. 

The e-learn platform provides users with free online courses on blockchain technology, technical analysis, trading strategies, risk management, and other things users need to become a successful crypto trader.

As part of the project, world-leading traders with vast experience in the financial markets share with users their knowledge and insight.

BeInCrypto’s Learn platform helps readers improve their cryptocurrency education by offering beginners’ guides, deep dives, and case studies.

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