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Binance Smart Chain Partners With Infinity Stones to Deliver Infrastructure Support to BSC Ecosystem

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Binance Smart Chain has joined hands with the world’s largest blockchain infrastructure service provider, Infinity Stones. InfStones will provide a full-scale infrastructure support for all projects and developers within the BSC ecosystem.

By collaborating with InfStones, we will deliver better data accessibility to developers in the BSC ecosystem. For example, BSC handles millions of daily transactions and utilizing the immense historical data requires strong infrastructure support. With the help of ecosystem partners such as InfStones, we’re working on providing solutions with higher scalability and security.


Samy Karim, Project Coordinator for BSC Ecosystem

The services provided by InfStones will allow developers to synchronize to the latest blockchain data and access complete historical data quickly and securely. With this in mind, developers are now able to quickly develop DApp, DeFi, or look for other profit opportunities via the massive Data on BSC.

The BSC network has been growing at a truly impressive rate, and we are proud to play our part in the continuation of that growth. Through our partnership, all projects and developers building in the BSC ecosystem will have access to our institutional-quality infrastructure support, to help them take their innovative work to the next level.


Zhenwu Shi, Founder and CEO at InfStones

The new features that can now be used by developers include Full/Archive Node Access and Archive Data.

The Full/Archive Node Access helps developers to quickly establish a proprietary, fully synched Full node or Archive node on BSC, and directly connect to the InfStones  BSC validator node for quick access to core network.

The Archive Data provides BSC Archive data support.

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