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Bitcoin opponents Nouriel Roubini and Peter Schiff had their day: “It’s risky shit”

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Bitcoin opponents Nouriel Roubini and Peter Schiff had their day: "It's risky shit"

Bitcoin began to fall over the weekend as coronavirus and oil producers’ price war decimated markets. Opponents Nouriel Roubini and Peter Schiff immediately used it for another series of hates.


Opponents of BTC Dr. Doom and Peter Schiff


Bitcoin today created a local bottom of about $ 7,700 per unit. On Saturday afternoon, its price was above 9,100 USD. That’s a 15% fall in two days. There may be more reasons, including a massive movement of funds (multi-million values in BTC and ETH), from the biggest fraud in cryptocurrency history – the Plus token.


On Monday in the first seconds of trading, oil drove the largest drop in history after Saudi Arabia launched a price war with Russia. As the BTC price fell during world market problems, Bitcoin opponents once again took the opportunity to criticize. Nouriel Roubini, also referred to as “Dr. Doom, ”he expressed his thoughts as follows:


“Meanwhile, Bitcoin dropped 8% last day, much more than global equities. Further evidence that Bitcoin is not a good hedge risk asset in risky episodes. In fact, fall more than risky assetsduring risk. So BTC is a risky shit in cases of risk. ”


Peter Schiff joined


Another well-known critic of Bitcoin also expressed his views on the plunge. Peter Schiff said he was not surprised by the downturn. This is due to Bitcoin’s inability to run the rally last week under “the most ideal financial circumstances.”




Bitcoin has fallen by about 15% in the last 2 days. Again, opponents consider this to be evidence that Bitcoin is not helping to reduce risk. Dr. In addition, Doom came up with very sharp words condemning the BTC as “risky shit.” Isn’t that a bit exaggerated?

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