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BTC is as indestructible as Kenny from South Park

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According to Dennis Lynch, BTC is like Kenny from South Park, who dies in every episode but returns in the next one. The head of Counterpoint Global, an investment fund at Morgan Stanley, believes that BTC has the ability to grow in times of economic crisis, and called the asset “indestructible.”

“BTC is like Kenny from South Park”

At a recent conference, Morgan Stanley CEO Dennis Lynch revealed his positive attitude towards BTC. He sees it as an asset that can withstand market crises and even prosper when other assets collapse. Lynch made an interesting comparison between the primary cryptocurrency and one of the main characters in the animated series “South Park:”

“I like to say that BTC is something like Kenny from South Park, you know, the boy dies in every episode and then he’s back.”

Lynch admitted that he owns BTC because the asset represents a global trend that the company is following. However, they also see some risks in this area, as governments may ban the asset class. If so, the exposure to BTC could only bring profits to Hodlers in the future, he added.

The ability of BTC to come to life

Like Kenny from South Park, the primary cryptocurrency has been pronounced dead more than 400 times. Despite its price declines over the years, it has always managed to overcome difficulties, and now, 12 years after its inception, BTC is an asset with a market capitalization of almost $ 1 trillion.

The changing opinion of the mainstream media is a clear example. Back in 2018, some of the most common headlines were: “BTC is Dead,” “It’s the End of BTC,” “BTC is a Bubble,” or “BTC is a Ponzi Scheme.” It is worth noting that the value of the asset has fallen sharply and few people expected it to recover. But it happened.

The cryptocurrency not only got to its feet, but continued a few years later toward other peaks. Its contributions have attracted the attention of many giant corporations (such as Tesla and MicroStrategy) and billionaire investors (Paul Tudor Jones and Thomas Peterffy), who have begun to diversify their portfolios through BTC.

Probably the most significant advantage of BTC is its ability to be a digital store of value, as there will be only 21 million coins. Prominent names even called it “digital gold.” Although the two assets are similar, the storage of a precious metal could be an obstacle for investors due to its physical form. Allocating funds to BTC requires only a digital wallet.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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