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24/7 crypto news, cryptocurrency meaning, guides, learning, #cryptohelpschildren suspends access to BTC whitepaper and the Core software in the UK

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • A developer whose identity is unknown has blocked access to the Core software.
  • The BTC developer, also known by the name of Cøbra, has blocked access for people in the UK.
  • Owing to copyright issues, people in the UK can’t download the BTC whitepaper and the Core software from is a well-known website that has been around since 2008 and is one of the most informative websites on BTC. The website holds content to educate common people about blockchain technology and BTC’s Store of Value concepts. The website has been a major source of information on cryptocurrency since beginning.

It was noticed by the people in the UK accessing the site that the anonymous developer of the website called Cøbra has shut down the access to the BTC whitepaper and the Core software for people and developers in the United Kingdom, and there is a reason behind this action. This all started when Craig Wright stated that he is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto and the man behind BTC.

A copyright infringement case was filed by Wright in the London High Court. According to Craig, has no right to host the BTC whitepaper and the Core software because it was his property. The court had no choice but to rule the decision in favor of Wright as Cøbra decided to remain anonymous and did not defend himself.

Cøbra announced on Twitter that won’t be hosting the Whitepaper for the UK

The suspension of access to BTC whitepaper and the Core software

The London High Court’s decision rested with Craig Wright. As a result, it was announced that would have to make the court order public by posting it on the website and pay for Craig Wright’s damages due to this infringement by the anonymous developer, Cøbra. Therefore, will be liable to pay £35,000 for showcasing the BTC whitepaper and the Core software.

Cøbra announced that it is for such false cases that BTC is an absolute necessity. He further revealed that if someone is residing in the UK, they won’t be able to download the BTC whitepaper and the Core software. This was a sacrifice necessary to avoid the blockage of the website in the country.

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