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BTC SV Academy: Get Certificate 1 level qualification with ‘Introduction to BTC Theory’ course

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BTC is set to be the most significant technological revolution of our lifetimes. As a protocol, the BSV blockchain breathes life to the original Satoshi white paper, the origins of the technology which is set to underpin the apps and digital services of the future. Yet for many developers, innovators and entrepreneurs, it remains something of a mystery.

Fortunately, with the help of BTC SV Academy, it’s now possible to get a basic understanding of what BTC is and how it works in as little as just nine hours, and in a way that is fully accessible, whether you’re a software developer or a total beginner.

BTC SV Academy is a dedicated online learning platform, aimed specifically at training the next generation of BTC developers and entrepreneurs. The free learning materials are designed to deliver an academia-quality, university-style learning experience for anyone interested in getting serious about BTC and technology that underpins it.

Introduction to BTC Theory’ is aimed at building foundational knowledge of BTC, and the founding principles espoused in the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper, written by Dr. Craig S. Wright. Led by Brendan Lee and Evan Freeman on behalf of BTC SV Academy, the course is broken down into 13 chapters over nine hours, with a Certificate 1 level qualification awaiting those who satisfactorily complete the modules.

The course starts with an introduction and some background information about BTC, before sweeping through transactions, timestamp servers, proof of work, network, incentives, simplified payment verification, privacy and much more.

While some technical expertise makes the learning curve shallower, there is no minimum knowledge required to get started.

Writing for BTC Association, deputy editor Jamie McKane described his experience of learning with BTC SV Academy, as someone with “limited to no expertise” in software development.

“The Introduction to BTC Theory course material may be extensive, but all concepts are explained in detail, with helpful infographics and explanation videos interspersed throughout each chapter. I have limited to no expertise in software development and yet by the time I had completed the course, I understood a wealth of blockchain-related topics…”

“Even complex topics, like the risk of dishonest chains overtaking valid chains, are delivered in a way that is easy to understand without any experience in cryptography or statistics. These concepts and many more like them were previously alien to me, and throughout BTC SV Academy’s short course I found myself reviewing a few widespread misconceptions about BTC.”

McKane said the process made him excited about the future for BTC, and the accessibility of BTC SV as a developer protocol.

“As I progressed through the course, I found myself increasingly excited about the potential of BTC made possible by its revolutionary design. The course outlines each mechanic in a way that demonstrates its necessity to the security of the system and its ability to enable unprecedented network applications. It summarises the BTC white paper in a way that is digestible, accessible and captivating.”

Among the topics covered in the course are intractable cryptographic hash algorithms, the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA), unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) and their function as digital money, BTC’s basic mechanics, directed acyclic graphs (DAGs), and the nature of BTC transactions.

Join the growing number of people from all backgrounds learning how BTC works with ‘Introduction to BTC Theory’ with BTC SV Academy. Whether you’re from a technical background or a total beginner, sign up now to take part in the course, and learn the ins and outs of BTC in an accessible, highly effective way.

Sign up now to take the Introduction to BTC Theory course at BTC SV Academy.

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