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California is the US leader in cryptocurrency adoption and preparedness

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California leads the adoption of cryptocurrencies
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According to the new survey from Crypto Head, California has proven to be the most accessible jurisdiction in the United States for cryptocurrencies. This is mainly due to the increasing numbers of ATMs with cryptocurrencies and growing interest about digital assets in the population of the state. California scored 5.72 out of 10 in the cryptocurrency index of New Jersey (5.44), Texas (5.28), Florida (5.03) and New York (4.29).

The results were tabulated using metrics such as:

  • Google searches related to cryptocurrencies
  • the presence of BTC and other ATMs with cryptocurrencies
  • the number of blockchain-related invoices that were submitted in each state

California is a leader

California ranked first in Google searches for cryptocurrencies and crypto-ATMs. These positive factors compensate for the lack of cryptocurrency legislation in the state.StormGain

However, New Jersey has the highest number of crypto ATM machine installations per 10,000 square miles and is the third highest in searches. Texas and Florida also scored well in terms of ATMs and overall searches.

Despite regulatory uncertainty, they are The United States continues to be a global leader in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. In 2020, trade volumes with BTC in the US are better than volumes of Europe, Nigeria and China combined. In the same year, Americans posted $ 4.1 billion in profits on their crypto trades. This far exceeds any other country. USA too lead the world position in ATMs with BTC, which represents an incredible 86.4% of the total number of installations.

Other metrics however, adoptions are far from high. In August, the financial comparison site Finder ranked the US 26th out of 27 countries in terms of cryptocurrency ownership among the population. Emerging markets that are more dependent on remittances – for example in Southeast Asia and Latin America – have ranked much higher.

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