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Cardano project was included in the list of the most influential projects of 2021

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The organization of product and project management experts, the Project Management Institute (PMI) from Pennsylvania, USA, has published a list of the 50 most influential projects of 2021. It also included an ambitious solution from the ecosystem Cardano, project Atala Prism.

Atala Prism project for a decentralized digital identity, developed by Input Output and used in the Cardano blockchain, came in a nice 14th place, overtaking, for example, the application Clubhouse which finished in 21st place, a spacecraft Voyager (30). ) or a game console PlayStation 5 (35.). Just for the sake of interest, the first place fell to mRNA vaccine against COVID 19.

In terms of the world of digital currencies, 4th place was for Sand Dollar, the first digital currency of the central bank, launched in the Bahamas this year. The project on eighth place is “When You See Yourself “, which seeks to combine nonfungible tokens NFT with the music industry.

PMI to address decentralized identity Atala Prism noted that it has great potential, especially in developing countries, where it can contribute to financial and social mobility. Report devoted to it mentions, for example, Ethiopia, where the project is used in a pilot phase in education, where it is intended to obtain a digital identity in 3,500 schools up to 5 million students and 750,000 teachers. If the pilot school project succeeds, in Ethiopia, Atala Prism can then be used for the digital identity of the entire population and be used, for example, in transport or agriculture.

PMI adds to Atala Prism that the entire project should be up and running in the coming months. In other words, it could be clear in the foreseeable future to what extent this project will become a really useful thing. The development company Input Output adds to the Atala Prism that it will start a sharp phase as early as the beginning of 2022 and it will be the “largest blockchain deployment” in history.

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