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Charles Hoskison: This decade will belong to Cardano!

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Charles Hoskison: This decade will belong to Cardano!

A few days after celebrating humanity’s entry into the new decade, Co-founder Ethereum Charles Hoskinson believed that this decade would belong to the Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA).

Head of Cardano Charles Hoskinson, General Manager of IOHK, one of the three umbrella organizations for the project, said that after successfully launching the Shelley phase testnet and joining more than 500 staking pools, Cardano aims to successfully commercialize the technology , which has been developing over the past three years.

The truth is that the launch of Shelley did not go without complications, especially concerning the functionality of the pools, but since it is a test phase, few would assume that everything would go “as butter”. Devepolers are well tuned because the launch of testnet has confirmed great community interest and the pace of creating new staking pools has exceeded expectations.

Hoskinson spoke about future plans for IOHK, the Cardano Foundation and Emurgo (the three companies involved in the development) during his regular YouTube blog “Ask me anything” (AMA). In the latest section, he admitted that not being Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency, Cardano might never have been created. “We have to remember where we came from – we came from bitcoins,” he pointed out.

The next decade will be full of changes in many sectors. He thinks that cryptocurrencies will be the driving force behind the economies of developing countries. Cardano plans to achieve unprecedented success in this area.

“This is Cardano’s decade,” he said boldly, adding that developers are doing everything to make Cardano the most dominant force in the crypto-industry by the end of this new decade.

At the same time, he is convinced of the correct setup of the entire project, which places particular emphasis on the correct setup of the technology. With the expected fulfillment of the goal of creating a platform that can handle billions of transactions every day, reaching a billion users is really realistic according to him.

According to the roadmap, this year Cardano should complete not only the Shelley phase, but also Goguen (smart contracts) and Basho (scaling). We cannot rely on the roadmap, however, and Hoskinson himself said he would not reveal any specific dates.

Cardano still seems to be more of an interesting long-term investment opportunity (but don’t see it as an investment advice), rather than a project that should expect a huge increase in value in the foreseeable future. Currently, the whole market is dependent on Bitcoin, which dictates the pace in both directions. If Hoskinson sees Cardano as number one, he surely assumes that it can only reach this goal in a few years.

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