May 13, 2021


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Coronavirus crisis: As you will know it is safe to reinvest

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Coronavirus crisis: As you will know it is safe to reinvest

The Coronavirus crisis is slowly spreading throughout the world. Finding a safe investment is like finding a needle in a haystack. How do you know it’s safe to invest? Both of the following conditions will need to apply.


Is it safe to invest? When will secure investments begin?


In the macroeconomic world, cycles of growth and recession are repeated regularly. Some are larger, others smaller. But how do you know that asset prices will no longer fall and that it is safe to invest in stocks, commodities and, of course, cryptocurrencies?


Condition 1: Coronavirus is under control, infections are reduced


Coronavirus was first driven through Asia. Therefore, we have good knowledge of how to recognize its decreasing risk. In South Korea, for example, new infections have already started to slow down.


If the occurrence slows down, there will no longer be a risk of healthcare collapse, which is the main reason for the measures in place. This will allow the regime to slowly relax and the economy to relaunch.


Condition 2: There will be no big country´s or bank´s collapse


All financial crises start with the collapse of a large bank or country. Forbes has said on several occasions that the financial market is sound in most EU and US states. If this remains the case and no bank declares bankruptcy, there is a possibility of returning to old ways.

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