May 15, 2021


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Craig Wright falsified official documents in court – Why can’t he move his million BTC?

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Craig Wright falsified official documents in court - Why can't he move his million BTC?

Craig Wright – the self-named Satoshi Nakamoto – is one of the few people who have been around Bitcoin practically since its inception. As an expert on P2P payment networks, he noticed this project before the first version of the blockchain was launched and in 2018 even began to claim to be a Bitcoin creator – an entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto. And while he really has all the prerequisites to be a legendary creator of the first cryptocurrency, most cryptocurrency communities don’t believe him and consider him a chronic liar. So Dr. Wright is trying to prove his claim to the title of “Bitcoin Founder” by court.


But he does not do it so well and doubts seem right. Craig is a chronic liar recently confirmed by judge Bruce Reinhart, who accused him of falsifying official documents. If you don’t know the story of Craig, the trial and the Tulip Trust yet, read on.


If you’re Satoshi Nakamoto, move your million BTC


The legend about Bitcoin says that Satoshi Nakamoto gained a million BTC by mining the first “genesis” block. And this legend is true. However, the Coins have not yet been moved to another address. The entire million remains trapped in the first Bitcoin wallet at an unknown address.


If you are truly Satoshi Nakamoto, move your coins – cryptocommunity calls on Craig Wright. However, Craig claims that he does not have access to the million dollars wallet private key. He allegedly locked in the alleged Tulip Trust a few years after the creation of Bitcoin. It is essentially a company made up of people whom Craig Wright believes.


Each has access to a portion of the private key. The immense possessions available to the Tulip Trust are thus virtually unreachable until everyone joins and puts the private key together.


The problem is that at least one man from Tulip Trust is dead and his brother refuses that he was part of it. Craig Wright even had a problem with the delivery of documents proving the existence of the company. He provided them only after Judge Reinhard gave him a court order on March 9, 2020.


Craig Wright falsified the Tulip Trust documents


Craig eventually added the documents, but Reinhard doubts their authenticity. In his own words, “anyone who owns a computer and pen could create these documents.”


And so the whole process continues to stretch. Craig’s promise to have access to the Tulip Trust’s private key no later than 3.2.2020 remains a promise, and everything goes as expected.


Craig Wright is a chronic liar. As he himself confirmed, he suffers from a mild form of Asperger’s syndrome, and we add that he is a narcissist and probably a psychopath. Although it should be added that a very intelligent psychopath that has more knowledge than half of the current Bitcoin Core developers together.




He is a really interesting and curious character from the world of cryptocurrencies and we strongly recommend to find out more about him.


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