May 16, 2021


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Crypto News of the Day (8.1.)|Challenge: McAfee calls on US Congress members • Stellar development foundation pays 98% rewards • and more

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Crypto News of the Day (8.1.)|Challenge: McAfee calls on US Congress members • Stellar development foundation pays 98% rewards • and more

Here you can find an overview of the most important crypto events in the last 24 hours.


Bitcoin gained another 5% and is now at the level of 8 300 USD. Analysts are not unanimous, if it is a long-awaited longer-term bull run or whether it is only a short-term price increase due to further escalation of the international situation.
Some altcoins also made significant gains (the record holder is Chainlink with 16%), but rather stagnates or even slightly declines.

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The telegram warns investors in Gram that tokens may not bring any profit

Telegram, an instant messaging application dedicated to privacy protection of Pavel Durov, who is developing his blockchain network, Telegram Network (TON) and native altcoin Gram (GRAM), has released a new statement. Here it clearly informs the public that its Gram is not a security, as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claims, and therefore those who have contributed to the ICO worth several billion dollars may not receive any profit tokens at the final launch. “Grams are designed to act as a means of interchange among users in the TON ecosystem. Grams are not investment products and it should not be expected that the purchase, sale or holding of Grams will result in a profit. ”

Stellar development foundation paid 98% of inflation rewards

Although it already owns 80% of the total XLM offer, a new report by blockchain analytics Coin Metrics revealed that the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) is the largest recipient of XLM inflation rewards. According to a report published on Tuesday (January 7, 2020), the SDF paid an incredible 98% of total XLM rewards distributed after the adoption of the XLM inflation mechanism.

The US regulator intends to focus on digital assets in 2020

The US Compliance Inspection and Control Commission (OCIE) outlined its priorities for the coming year, including its views on the need for supervision of digital assets. In a new document, the Commission stressed how the emerging digital asset market poses risks to retail investors who do not necessarily understand how these assets differ from traditional assets.

Challenge: McAfee urged members of the US Congress to put all their financial activities on the blockchain

Today, US presidential candidate and antivirus pioneer John McAfee has called on members of the US Congress. The controversial cryptocurrency supporter asked if any member of the US government would be willing to permanently record all of his financial activities on the blockchain so that they would be publicly accessible to all Americans.

Crypto News of the Day (8.1.)|Challenge: McAfee calls on US Congress members • Stellar development foundation pays 98% rewards • and more

Kraken is listing stablecoin USDC

According to the announcement on Tuesday, Krakow users will be able to trade stablecoin USDC from January 8. USDC is the third stablecoin, listed in Kraken, after Tether (USDT) and DAI. Kraken has also set up five USDC trading pairs: BTC / USDC, ETH / USDC, USDC / EUR, USDC / USD and USDC / USDT.

Binance adds Thai bath and Australian dollar

Binance announced its collaboration with Satang Corporation, one of Thailand’s oldest digital stock exchanges, to open fiat channels for Thai bath (THB). However, this is not the only development in the Binance ecosystem, since the cryptoexchange also entered into cooperation with Banxa, which provides support for the Australian dollar (AUD).

Travelex is to pay $ 6 million ransom in BTC hackers

Travelex’s British exchange has failed due to ransomware infection after a network disruption. According to the BBC, hackers launched an attack on New Year’s Eve and forced the company to shut down its systems and websites. The attack was timed to hit the company when many of its employees were on holiday. Travelex operates in more than 30 countries with 1,200 offices worldwide, most of whom were forced to go to old school and work manually. Ransomware gang Sodinokibi took responsibility for the hack and wanted the exchange office to pay $ 6 million ransom in bitcoins.

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