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  • CryptoCat Token (CCAT) Listed on Crypto Exchange Whitebit27 Nov 2021 07:44Crypto News

    CryptoCat (CCAT) has now been added to WhiteBIT’s trading platform. CryptoCat is the Global Leader and Innovator with a highly experienced team striving to make a difference in the world of blockchain technologies and Smart Crypto Cities. With the token on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange, a crucial milestone has been reached for the project. It […]

    Post source: CryptoCat Token (CCAT) Listed on Crypto Exchange Whitebit

  • Play-to-Earn is the Future of the Gaming Industry26 Nov 2021 10:07Crypto News

    According to a report by DFC Capital, blockchain-based gaming companies have seen $476 million in investments in the first half of 2021 alone. Spending on gaming software is predicted to grow up to $164 billion in 2023, an increase from $118 billion in 2018 and sales from gaming hardware is also expected to increase more […]

    Post source: Play-to-Earn is the Future of the Gaming Industry

  • Are we Still in a Bull Market? The answer is…25 Nov 2021 15:35Crypto News

    Many tokens on the market have been trading flat over the last week, indicating that investor interest and excitement for cryptocurrencies is beginning to wane. Following the release of the Taproot update, Bitcoin saw a slight drop, leading some to believe that the market’s bull run was coming to an end. Although the cryptocurrency market […]

    Post source: Are we Still in a Bull Market? The answer is…

  • OneCoin Mastermind Moves Millions from his Jail Cell25 Nov 2021 08:18Crypto News

    CRYPTO PYRAMID MASTERMIND MOVES MILLIONS FROM HIS JAIL CELL  Accused OneCoin Swindler Sebastian Greenwood Seemingly Outwits Regulators  Accused Crypto Pyramid swindler Karl Sebastian Greenwood has been moving tens of millions of dollars and assets out of the reach of regulators and victims from his Manhattan jail cell using a contraband cell phone and a network […]

    Post source: OneCoin Mastermind Moves Millions from his Jail Cell

  • Fear of missing out? NFTs gems below 0.5 ETH23 Nov 2021 14:59Crypto News

    Time sensitivity is key! Everything related to cryptocurrency and blockchain is highly time-sensitive. A great example of this is how an NFT sold for a few hundred dollars, could be worth millions the very next second. Time sensitivity and FOMO is what makes the crypto-world so appealing.  Here is a list of five gems that […]

    Post source: Fear of missing out? NFTs gems below 0.5 ETH

  • Should I keep a Gambling Journal?21 Nov 2021 10:17Crypto News

    Oftentimes, you find bettors having the fun of their lives from their gambling activity. To these pros, it’s always worth it to keep playing as long as it’s not leading to gambling issues. And frankly, they are right, as many professional players have ended up becoming experts on all things gambling.  But one thing we […]

    Post source: Should I keep a Gambling Journal?

  • The rise of NFTs and what it means for Bitcoin19 Nov 2021 12:58Crypto News

    Anyone who pays any attention to developments in the crypto world will have become aware of NFTs – non-fungible tokens – over the past year. These have now reached a level of popularity that attracts celebrities, with Post Malone, Lindsay Lohan, and Youtuber Logan Paul all getting in on the NFT act. If people like […]

    Post source: The rise of NFTs and what it means for Bitcoin

  • What are Fan Tokens? How does it work?19 Nov 2021 12:48What are Fan Tokens

    What are fan tokens? How does it work? The interest in cryptocurrency trading in India is at a never seen before level, and the blockchains have introduced a series of new opportunities for users of various industries. The latest cryptocurrency of the sports and entertainment industry Chiliz crypto or “Fan token” is creating quite a […]

    Post source: What are Fan Tokens? How does it work?

  • Blockchain is Changing the Casino Industry18 Nov 2021 10:07Crypto News

    Blockchain has revolutionized the casino world. Many of the online casinos featured on Winvio work with blockchain. They provide the customers the ability to instantly withdraw funds and offer products from iGaming developers. In addition, blockchain casinos have secured payment services, inaccessible to third parties. The widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies in online casinos has made […]

    Post source: Blockchain is Changing the Casino Industry

  • OneCoin Billions Still in Bulgaria17 Nov 2021 07:20Crypto News

    BULGARIAN GOVERNMENT ASSISTED PYRAMID SCHEME  Billions in Assets Still Under Control of OneCoin Mastermind Ruja Ignatova  Sofia:  A Petition has been filed with the Bulgarian Constitutional Ombudsman alleging the Bulgarian government has failed in its European Union mandated duties to victims of the up to €20 billion OneCoin pyramid scheme headquartered in Sofia.  OneCoin is […]

    Post source: OneCoin Billions Still in Bulgaria

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