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Cryptocompanies Unite to Launch Metaverse Interoperability

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After the launch of several metaverses, companies in the sector are joining forces. That’s because, instead of creating multiple platforms, they want to build a common bridge between all metaverses. That is, platforms are seeking interoperability.

For this, several companies in the crypto sector created the Open Metaverse Alliance for web3 (OMA3). It is an organization that aims to build a single pattern that allows metaverses to interconnect.

Most members have ties to the gaming company Animoca Brands. In addition to Animoca itself, OMA3 includes The Sandbox, Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, Splinterlands, Star Atlas, Upland, and Decentraland.

Union in the metaverse

Additionally, the alliance is comprised of Cryptovoxels, Meta Metaverse, SPACE, Superworld and Wiivity.

“The standards we create are guided by the goals of true ownership and real-time interoperability,” the announcement reads.

According to the announcement, the companies want to build an infrastructure to ensure the metaverse functions as a unified system, where digital assets such as NFTs, identities and data are permissionless, interoperable and controlled by users rather than by users. platforms.

So, the idea is that users are the immutable owners of these assets. In practice, they will be able to transfer assets to any OMA3 virtual world freely, without needing permission from the platform.

OMA3 invited all blockchain-based companies in the metaverse to join DAO. Details on governance and how voting power will be allocated have yet to be revealed.

‍The announcement comes one month after the launch of the massive Metaverse Standards Forum, supported by the Khronos Group. Like OAMA3, the group also has similar ideals around interoperability.

However, the Metaverse Standards Forum said it has already met with OMA3 and that the latter plans to join the forum soon.

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