January 23, 2021


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Cypriot Hospital Tracks Covid-19 Vaccination Records With VeChain

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Tracking records safely and immutably is important when dealing with health records. A hospital in Cyprus has stored its first 100 Covid-19 vaccination records using the VeChain Thor blockchain.

With all the growth in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other ‘mainstream’ cryptocurrencies, other useful blockchain applications are being overlooked.

One of those may be VeChain, a decentralized supply chain management platform. This particular use-case has become more important following the outbreak of the global pandemic in Wuhan, China.

The VeChain Foundation confirmed the news via its Twitter account:

“The first 100 COVID-19 vaccination records for medical personnel at The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus are now securely stored on the #VeChain public blockchain. With this tech, govs and individuals are assured of the quality and validity of results.”

Is Storing Medical Records Using Blockchain Useful?

The medical field is likely looking to maintain accurate medical records, especially when the world is under a massive, novel virological threat.

If an organization decides to maintain its records on a distributed and decentralized ledger, it can theoretically guarantee the ‘quality and validity’ of the results. Third parties cannot manipulate immutable blockchains.

VeChain’s VeThor platforms offer a variety of tracing methods, one of those being temperature tracking.

The Covid-19 vaccine needs to stay within a specifically low temperature to maintain its efficacy. According to Moderna, the temperatures are even lower than what a refrigerator can provide.

Could decentralized vaccine tracing ensure they remain at the correct temperature before being distributed? That’s the goal, but it has yet to be proven.

What is Vechain?

VeChain is a decentralized supply chain management platform created to provide increased insight and tracking of product supply chains.

VeChain claims that users can track the life of a product across its entire supply chain, guaranteeing its authenticity and making sure all necessary steps were taken to deliver a quality product.

In theory, this model could be applied to various products, such as food, medicine, luxury goods, collectibles, and anything else that needs verifiable authenticity.

As the medical crisis from the novel coronavirus unfolds, vaccine distribution may play a vital role for the project and other blockchains that depend on immutable data.

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