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ETH and its way to 10,000 USD

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Ethereum for 10,000 USD?
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ETH will be able to climb to $ 10,000? According to the popular trader and influencer on YouTube, Lark Davis, this is quite clear.

ETH and way to 10,000 USD

It can really run the ETH on a bullish wave and reach it 190% appreciation against the current price? In his latest video, Lark Davis talks about the very important foundations that the second largest cryptocurrency will have absolutely no problem.

So what are the reasons? The first is the clearly declining supply on exchanges. This fact can significantly affect the price boom. Traders either keep their tokens on decentralized DeFi protocols or join the current boom NFT tokens where they use their ETH to purchase.

“The net amount of Ethereum leaving exchanges has set a new record. More than $ 1.2 billion in ETH tokens left centralized exchanges yesterday. That’s a staggering number. Interestingly, however, when this process last took place, the price of ETH shot up by 60% in 30 days. ”

Davis also draws on the research of the blockchain analytical company Glassnode, according to which he is huge part of the ETH offer has not changed in the last three months.

“87% of Ethereum’s supply did not move on the chain for three months or more. That’s crazy! People are simply waiting for higher prices, they do not want to sell until the price reaches a new historical maximum, which, by the way, is approaching. ”

You can watch the video itself here:

Combustion accelerates growth

At the time of writing, the token burning balance was in value 309,500 ETH which represents the value of $ 1.1 billion.

According to Davis, the price will also reflect the development of new second-layer protocols that increase interest in ETH.

“Currently, we are also seeing the start of the second layer protocols for ETH. You must be an ETH token owner in order to use Layer 2. Simply, you have to own ETH to pay for gas on ETH layer-2. ”

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