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Everything ‘Green and Go,’ Says Hoskinson on Alonzo Upgrade

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Everything ‘Green and Go,’ Says Hoskinson on Alonzo Upgrade

“Everything’s green and go, we’re on schedule,” Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson said of the Alonzo upgrade in a recent vlog post.

In the update, Hoskinson said his team had just concluded their “go/no-go” meeting on the whole infrastructure of the Alonzo upgrade. Hoskinson described how 25 stakeholders went through a “huge checklist of things,” and that everything “kept coming up green.”.  With the confirmations, Hoskinson said that the team is now ready to clip the mainnet candidate, and begin the process of gradual upgrade.

“We’re going to initiate an HFC (hard fork combinator) event on the Testnet,” said Hoskinson. “Testnet will be in the Alonzo stage.” He added that it wouldn’t be a specialty testnet like Purple, but rather the primary testnet used for exchanges.

Expected dates

Hoskinson then laid out a series of dates Cardano users can expect the sequential rollouts. According to Hoskinson, Alonzo testnet is going to roll-over September 1. However, the Cardano founder admitted that the team still had some work to do to tease out some kinks.

He said his team would be working over the weekend to fix what bugs they could and make sure everything was in line with the latest version of DB sync. 

Once the rollover on the Alonzo testnet is finished, it will remain there until the completed proposal on September 9. Hoskinson said that all goes well, he expects the roll over to occur on September 12. The team would have pushed the roll-over back five days to September 17 if they had reached a ‘no-go’ decision at their meeting.

ERC-20 converter on testnet

Last week, Cardano parent company IOHK announced that it would launch an ERC-20 converter to bring ETH assets to Cardano’s testnet, and vice versa. The converter is merely a bridge connecting the ETH network to Cardano, which will allow for easy migration of ETH-based assets. The launch will feature on the testnet announced for later this week.

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