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Market overview 10.2. | How does it look on LTC, ETH, XRP charts? | BTC

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Market overview 10.2. | How does it look on LTC, ETH, XRP charts? | BTC

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At present, the cryptomarket has a total market value of USD 287.2 billion. So yesterday we set a new high for 2020. Bitcoin yesterday added 3% on growth and it sent almost the whole market to green numbers. BTC dominance declines to 63.7%.


The best growth yesterday was:



KickToken (KICK) $0,000713 USD (44,42%)


KICK was followed by :

Molecular Future


Molecular Future (MOF) $1,28 USD (34,62%)




Decentraland (MANA) $0,066128 USD (22,42%)


Bitcoin Diamond


Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) $0,919313 USD (24,94%)




Lisk (LSK) $1,99 USD (22,71%)




Bytecoin (BCN) $0,000389 USD (16,63%)


The biggest loss from the top 100 Market Cap yesterday was:

Synthetix Network Token


Synthetix Network Token (SNX) $0,916959 USD (-4,56%)




Seele (SEELE) $0,097976 USD (-4,17%)


All datas are from


As you can see, of the TOP 100 capitalization, the biggest losses are -5%, which is not much.


[BTC / USD] In 2020 to present value: +37.30%


Bitcoin yesterday added 3% to growth and reached the current price at the time of writing article 10 180 USD. Finally, we broke psychological value. Looking at the graph, we see a strong resistance at $ 10,300, which has a top side of $ 10,700. On the contrary, we see support at 9 550 (last resistance). Many analysts expect us to stay slightly above $ 10,000, but the situation on the chart looks like a pattern cup and handle, which should predict the fall of Bitcoin to $ 9,550.


Market overview 10.2. | How does it look on LTC, ETH, XRP charts? | BTC


[LTC / USD] In 2020 to current value: + 92.35%


We will also briefly comment on Litecoin. We reached high values ​​for 2020 at $ 76. We see resistance at $ 78, if broken, the LTC can grow to the nearest resistance, which is also the psychological one at $ 100. We are looking for support for USD 63, which is far from the present value. The dispersion between support and resistance will only increase at this stage of the market. Yesterday added only 2% growth, but it was enough to move to a new high in 2020.


[ETH / USD] In 2020 to present value: +74%


Ethereum got above $ 200 this week and broke this threshold. Yesterday saw a 2.5% increase in value and at the time of writing the article is $ 224. The current resistance is at 233 USD and after breaking it can expect us 258 USD. We are looking for support at $ 189. Overall, Ethereum is doing very well in 2020, adding 74% to growth. Although it is no more than Litecoin, but in terms of Ethereum capitalization is quite good. In the summer we should expect the next phase of ETH 2.0 and investors will certainly be interested.


Market overview 10.2. | How does it look on LTC, ETH, XRP charts? | BTC


[XRP / USD] In 2020 to present value: +47.27%


On XRP we see quite a nice growth, in 2020 by 47%, which is still more than Bitcoin, but within the altcoin we are used to values ​​around those 70-90% of the market average. There is no excuse, and Ethereum is showing a pretty decent ride. XRP is currently facing strong resistance at $ 0.29 – 0.30. On the contrary, it has support at 0.218 – 0.23 USD. After Ripple´s withdrawing 900,000,000 XRPs from safekeeping and transferring them to a company-owned wallet, did the same with an additional 100,000,000 XRPs. This brings the amount available to Ripple for sale this month, the usual total of XRP 1,000,000,000 at an estimated value of $ 281.6 million.

Unless these sales for the OTC Exchange are over, I fear that no one can expect from XRP a large% in 2020. In 2019, its appreciation ended in a negative -40%, and investors are rightly disappointed. Ripple is not mined, so I understand the release, but what I do not understand are the huge amounts every month.


Thank you for taking the time to analyze today.

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