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MegaCryptoPolis: Decentralized City Builder dApp Game

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In a regular, run-of-the-mill triple-A game title, you would normally expect to pay out $59 and a dozen more for a DLC or two and that will probably sound like a good investment for the next 3 to 4 months or until a sequel drops. MegaCryptoPolis redefines the term “investment” when it comes to gaming and is the next evolution of the crypto gaming genre.

Ever since its inception in 2018, a world builder using Non-fungible Token like many other crypto games out there, has now evolved and differ itself into an intricate yet exciting strategy game with its own microeconomy, Defi token, and has now paid a total of $4.5M in dividends to players for the last 2 years.

Getting Started With MegaCryptoPolis

First of all, since you will be required to spend actual crypto (ETH) to play the game, all players are required to set up a crypto wallet to ensure a safe and worry-free experience. The game recommends getting either MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or Trust Wallet, all of which are easy to set-up and trusted by the crypto community.

With ETH in your wallet, you are prime to make your first land transaction on the big open decentralized city. Every single piece of land, building, district in the game is unique as they are Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT or ERC-721. NFT fundamentally differs from normal ERC-20 tokens, as NFT are not interchangeable, every token is a unique entity onto itself.


Making the Platform Work For You

With your newly purchased land minted, there is an abundance of ways you could earn yourself some ETH. A player could either build buildings that will churn out necessary resources and material to operate other buildings or sell them to the market or allow other players to rent your building.

Speaking of renting, the game allows you to choose how to play it, players do not have to buy a plot of land and build right off the start as it could be too expensive for some. Players could start the game by renting buildings, get enough material and tokens to buy land, or build buildings if they wish.

Players can choose to build residential buildings to provide essential workers to other buildings and working in an office building will allow them to earn ETH for their hard work.

An Online World

Aside from residential, offices, production buildings, and the like, players could also earn ETH by hunting natural disasters.

You heard it correctly, storms, fires, floods, all of the three will grant you a sizable amount of ETH through the city’s “Insurance Fund” depending on the district and the municipal building you own, police, fire station, and hospital respectively.

If you have bigger aspirations and do not want to wait for the next storm or fire to happen, you can go big. Join the district bid where you could have the chance to win your own district.

Some of the features on offer
Some of the features on offer

District ownership comes with large perks such as a piece of commission from land purchased on your district and players are also entitled to receive part of the tax collected from core actions such as building, destroying, upgrading, and so on.

Better yet, if you do not have time to spare or the immersiveness of the game is not what you are looking for, there are still ways for you to profit off the platform with only some basic trading skills.

By buying material and resources in bulk (cheaper price for each unit), a player could sell them back into the market at a higher markup and profit! No need to buy land or build anything whatsoever.

The $MEGA Token

During the summer of this year, we have witnessed the wakening of the DeFi race, where the COMP token sparked perhaps the most profitable crypto flame ever since the Bitcoin bubble burst of 2017-18.

Though the hype of DeFi has somewhat died-off, the benefits of it are undeniable and now, MegaCryptoPolis players could also enjoy them too.

$MEGA is a recently introduced native DeFi token of MegaCryptoPolis which empowers the microeconomic ecosystem of the game and enhances users’ experience and immersiveness as a whole.

Solid Tokenomics

The token implemented a strict inflationary control mechanism. Usually, crypto would either mint new tokens and conduct a burn ever so often to actively manage inflation. But, $MEGA neither mint nor burn any of its tokens, ensuring the same amount of 1 million tokens in circulation throughout its lifetime.

There are various ways for a player to acquire $MEGA, the first is through yielding. When $MEGA was first introduced, this was the only method for players to acquire it.

All of the supplies of $MEGA were kept in a vault and to get them, players must lock-in their resources in exchange for $MEGA. The more people pitch their resources in, the less token they will get in return as the supply diminishes, they have to put in more resources.

Getting Started
Getting Started

This can work the other way around where resources can be released using $MEGA.

Another method of obtaining the token is by trading with other players on the in-game market using your resources or from a liquidity pool such as UniSwap and the recently added Mooniswap for Ethereum and JustSwap for TRON. $MEGA can also be purchased through packs from MCP3D stores but be quick because the amount is limited.

Furthermore, $MEGA is an ERC-20 which means it can be freely traded on any Ethereum based decentralized market, and at the time of writing, its 24h volume is around USD 10,800.

MegaCryptoPolis Community

MegaCryptoPolis is an extremely active community that will keep you up-to-date on any activity within the game.

The front page contains an extensive Newspaper stall where players could quickly catch up on prices of material and resources, news on natural disasters, detailed statistics on various districts, everything you need to catch up on the MegaCryptoPolis economy in a bite-size newsreel.

Furthermore, the game also has an official Discord (please verify) with nearly 3000 members, which discuss all things MegaCryptoPolis. Players could come for a quick guide, have various discussions in sub-group such as game strategies, the marketplace, participate in community proposals, and submit feedback.

What the Future Could Hold

Just like our physical world where technology is ever-evolving, the world of MegaCryptoPolis also has big plans for expansions.

Various projects are currently in development such as an addition of an Education building where Citizens could increase their qualifications, Hotel to restore breeding counts, a mobile version of the game, a customized building structure, and better yet, Avatar Mode.

You, the player, could walk down the decentralized city and interact with other players and their avatars. it is a bold vision, but it could happen in the not too distant future.

An Interesting Blockchain Gaming Platform

When a decentralized game is mentioned, we would often imagine a city builder or a card collecting game that uses simple functions using non-fungible tokens. MegaCryptoPolis started out the same way but has decided to chart its own course.

With a large and active community and an ever-expanding economy, it is undeniable that MegaCryptoPolis is one of the genre-breaking games on the decentralized gaming scene.

Bringing the community together through its microeconomic functionalities and its DeFi token $MEGA had expanded a whole new level of interaction and development into the already existing metropolis.

Get Started with the game here.

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