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Mexico wants to follow El Salvador when it comes to BTC

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Other countries in Central and South America are watching the BTC policy in El Salvador with eagle eyes. The cryptocurrency has been elevated to the status of an official national currency there since September last year. The Mexican Senator for the state of Nuevo León, Indira Kempis, has now commented on this. A few weeks ago she visited El Salvador. Apparently, she was so impressed by her visit that she has now declared that she will submit a proposal for a Salvadoran-style crypto law to the Mexican Congress later this year.

I’ve surrounded myself with several people who have been working with BTC for years. I have a community of entrepreneurs, technologists and friends who are very knowledgeable and have long told me, ‘You need to be part of this world’. And now that I’m involved in politics, I try to promote it

says Indira Kempis loudly local media reports.

Kempis sees great potential for BTC in Mexico

On the one hand, Kempis sees financial inclusion as a significant advantage of a progressive BTC policy in Mexico. She is also convinced that the country’s economy can only benefit from this. Mexico’s economic output is heavily dependent on the USA. The fact that the USA, for its part, wants to make itself more independent from China could well play into Mexico’s hands. However, the country is also struggling with supply chain problems. The auto industry, which is traditionally strong in Mexico, got into trouble because of the lack of chips.

According to Kempis, the introduction of BTC in Mexico could create new jobs and make the country more interesting for investors from all over the world:

Making BTC legal tender means leveling the playing field for people who are locked out in almost every country

, the senator is convinced. A central bank digital currency (CBDC) is also under discussion in Mexico.

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